14 Awkward Parent Moments You’ll Be Glad You Never Had

Awkward moments. We’ve all had them and we all hate them. For some reason, they are always a million times worse when they happen with our parents. Our parents have the special ability to make a regularly awkward situation into a super awkward situation. After surveying people aged 16-25, here are is a collection of some of the best awkward experiences that they shared:

The Awkward Moment When…

  1. They’re a little late giving you the sex-ed talk.

“They tried to give me the sex talk when I was 19. Thanks, that would have helped when I was 12 and people made fun of me for not knowing what a condom was.”

  1. You are grounded for eating a muffin.

“Once I ate my mom’s muffin with a friend of mine. My dad brought five muffins home that day so that there would be one for each of us. We all ate our muffins except for my mom because she was on a diet. That night, my friend and I decided to share the muffin that my mom didn’t eat because we assumed she didn’t want it. The next morning, my dad realized that my friend and I had devoured my mom’s muffin while everyone else was asleep and was not happy. My friend and I were downstairs in my room with the door closed so my brother couldn’t get in when we heard a loud banging on the door. We thought it was my brother so we kept yelling for him to go away. Instead, I heard my dad yell, ‘YOU ATE MAMA’S MUFFIN!!’ I quickly opened the door and let him in. It wasn’t long before my friend was called a slob and told to go home. Meanwhile, I was grounded for eating the forbidden muffin. Moral of the story: never eat your mom’s muffin.”

3. You just don’t care.

“I walk around without pants on and my dad always feels awkward. Even though it’s awkward, I’m not stopping.”

4. They treat you like you’re still a child.

“Every time we watch a sex scene. They don’t act chill and just watch it, they say, ‘OH, no this is SO bad!!’ My mom covers her eyes and then they end up fast forwarding through the scene. They have done this my entire life. I can handle it, it just makes it 1000 times worse.”

5. You’re suddenly a delinquent.

“I got my cartilage pierced and tried to hide it from my mom, but she hugged me too hard and I winced because it was still new so she found out. She said, ‘What’s next? Alcohol? Drugs? Sex??’ What am I even supposed to say to that?!”

The Awkward Struggle Was REAL…

6. There Was An Elephant In The Room 

“My mom came to visit me at my apartment in college and my boyfriend was quite visibly staying with me at the time. We both knew what had been going on and just chose not to mention it. Super awk.”

7. Being half blind has its perks.

“Walking in on them having sex. Fortunately I wasn’t wearing my glasses…”

8. Close call.

“One time I had a full-fledged conversation with them while they interrupted a masturbation session. I was literally pantless under the covers. They didn’t know, or at least never lead on about it.

9. Condom lesson.

“This one time my mom and I were talking about random things and I asked my mom (jokingly), ‘I wonder how condoms work?’ Before I knew it, she started giving me a detailed outline of how one uses a condom and how they work. After sitting in stunned silence and having my face turn every shade of red, I stupidly asked, ‘How do you know this?’ She answered with, ’Well your father and I used them!’ For the first time it hit me that yes, my parents had sex when they were married. Since they are divorced, I never thought of them even having sex.”

10. Missing in action.

“One time I was out with my boyfriend in high school and I forgot to answer my phone. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize how much time had passed so my dad ended up driving all around town looking for me. He finally found me in the park and yelled at me. Most awkward car ride home ever.”

Now That’s Just SUPER Awkward…

11. Parental advice.

“Dad caught me on the couch with my boyfriend doing the dirty. The next day, in front of family he said, ‘Hey, don’t get pregnant, you have to get a career and go to college.’”

12. Mother nature came at the wrong time.

“My dad walked in on me changing my tampon.”

13. Hijacked first date.

“One night my parents unexpectedly showed up at my apartment when I was getting ready for a first date with a guy that I had been crushing on for quite some time. They invited themselves in, waited for my date to arrive, and then insisted on joining us for dinner that night because they ‘had nothing else better to do.’ It’s safe to say that I never got a call back.”

14. No longer daddy’s little girl.

“My dad caught me masturbating.”


Most of the time, awkward moments are unavoidable and you just have to suffer through and pray that it will be over with sooner rather than later. Next time you have to suffer through an awkward moment, just remember that you are not alone. Unfortunately, they happen to everyone. On the bright side, awkward moments usually make great stories. People love hearing and laughing at your awkward situations just as much as you love laughing at their’s.

Featured image via Agung Pandit Wiguna on Pexels


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