17 Students Share Their Most Mortifying College Memories

Through the blackouts and hangovers college is a time to figure yourself out a bit more, and that usually starts with having fun and making mistakes. Mistakes are the best lessons, after all. College is also probably the only time it is socially acceptable to be drunk as much as you are. So, I asked a variety of people from my university, current students and recent alumni, to tell me their most embarrassing moments at college and this is what I got:

1. “When I was showering with someone – for the first time I stepped into the shower and ate shit and all the bottles of shampoo and conditioner fell on me.”

2. “The one time I woke up in my professor’s basement after a drunk night.”

3. “My freshman year we were having sex in the morning and he didn’t see his roommate text him saying that he was coming home to start drinking. He broke open the door while we were mid-bang.”

4. “I was throwing a party at my house one year and kept messing with people and telling them that the cops were there. Well then the cops actually showed up looking for a girl who called 911 saying she needed medical assistance at my party. I had to give the cops a tour of my entire house and was only wearing a tank top and boxers. The girl wasn’t at my house, but the cops did comment on the amount of “beautiful ladies” that were there.”

5. “I was at an ABC party freshman year at college park. The cops came (of course) and I had to book it out the back and go through college park and campus in about a foot of snow with just a beer box and suspenders covering me.”

6. “A girl once offered me $20 to come pick her up from a party so she could come back to my dorm and have sex. The sex was okay, but the pizza I bought with the $20 was legendary. Closest I’ve ever felt to being a prostitute.”

7. “A girl was riding me and threw up blueberry oatmeal all over me. She was so embarrassed she kicked me out of her dorm room where I was left covered in throw up and had to walk back to my dorm.”

8. “I got so blacked out I peed in someone’s bed and when I realized I did it I dipped out and walked all the way home.”

9. “I was wearing a dress and I had my backpack on and my dress got pulled up in the back by my backpack and I didn’t notice, I walked all the way across campus.”

10. “The one that stands out is when I got JUST a parking ticket when I was in my car getting a BJ. The cop asked, “What’s going on here?” So that really takes the cake for me.”

11. “It was the morning after my 21st birthday and I had to get sick. I only like to puke outside, so I ran outside and was throwing up in my bushes. I only had underwear and a T-shirt on and I realized the door locked behind me so I was locked outside in the cold in my underwear with no shoes or phone so I ran to my neighbor’s house. Cars drove by and my other neighbors boyfriend saw me.”

12. “I was having sex on my friend’s couch after the bars and his roommate came out of his room and gave him a high-five when we were mid-bang.”

13. “I was running from a party my freshman year and was trying to get below a bridge, but fell off it.”

14. “I had to do a walk of shame home in the morning when I didn’t even get laid because I passed out in her living room while she was in the bathroom.”

15. “One time I was late for class and I had to sit dead center in the front of the room. Halfway through class I fell asleep while leaning back in my chair and bumped heads with the girl who was sitting behind me. Everyone saw and started laughing, it was terrible.”

16. “I sent my foreign exchange student pictures instead of my boyfriend when I was drunk.”

17. “Freshman year on homecoming I was at a party dripping sweat and making out with this guy. I had no idea it happened or who he was until my friends pointed him out to me on campus and still to this day every time I pass him they say, “There’s homecoming boy.”

College is by far one of the best times of your life and the only time in your life you can be as care free as you want to be. You don’t have too many responsibilities and the possibilities for a good time are endless. Take advantage of all the opportunities you can because you will always have something to look back and laugh at, just like these moments.

Featured image via Đặng Hưng on Pexels


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