Why I Started Wearing More And Going Out Less

I think we all get to the point where going out becomes more of a hassle than a weekly routine. Well, that’s where I’m at. Throughout college, I lived the “high” life. Going out became a weekly routine, three times a week… Don’t get me wrong it was full of amazing, fun nights but with that came not so great nights. Including the ones I couldn’t remember the next day.

Up until the point that I reached the legal drinking age, I couldn’t wait to start going clubbing and as soon as I hit 19, I went cray until the age of 21 where I don’t recall having a week where I didn’t go out with friends. I thought this was all apart of being “an adult” and I thought because I reached the legal drinking age I would be taken more seriously.

From choosing the right outfit and painting our faces on, my girlfriends and I would spend hours making ourselves look top-notch every night we went out. Though this process was not always easy-going, with common frustrations such as “feeling bloated and looking ugly”, we tried to make the most of it. It was a true bonding experience for all of us. Naturally, we’d proceed to heavily pregame to save some money at the bar, drunkenly make our way to the bar and then dance through the excruciating pain of wearing beautiful shoes. 

But I think I’m at the point in my life where I’ve realized that these days are behind me now. I’m ready to do things that allow me to thrive and become more of “an adult”.

So here’s what I’ve learned from going out less:

I saved a lot of money.  Going out can get expensive, especially when hitting the bar multiple times a week. So now I have more money for clothing and I’m really trying to save my money for real expenses.

I saved time. From the amount time it takes to pick out that perfect outfit to doing my makeup and figuring out a place to pregame, those are hours of my life I now have to do something more worthwhile. 

It’s a far better way to stay away from bad boys. It’s very likely that you will not meet your Prince Charming at the bar especially when you both are intoxicated to the point that you don’t even remember each other’s names. I now have a better chance to meet a guy at a coffee shop or gym with complete coherence.

I’m discovering hobbies I never knew I would enjoy. Because I have more time to myself, I started reading more, I consistently workout and even write to de-stress.

I learned more about myself. I loved getting all dolled up and looking my best to impress others, but now I have learned to look nice everyday for myself. I also learned how alcohol killed my body, I now have more energy than ever and don’t despise early mornings.

I’ll always cherish the moments shared getting ready and partying with my girlfriends. But at this point in my life I have different priorities and lead such a busy life, I don’t even have any time to see my friends on a weekly basis. My weekends are now filled with work and although I may not have much of a social life anymore, I know the friendships that I have made will flourish no matter whether I chose to go out or not. 

Featured image via Fabio Scaletta on Pexels


  1. These things are so important! It’s easy to lose ourselves to shots of tequila every Tuesday. Great article 🙂


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