‘The Hills’: Where Are Your Favorite Reality Stars Now?

Remember those Monday nights where you would debatably stay up past your bedtime to watch LC and her crew stir up drama in The Hills? Six years later, do you ever wonder what the actual f*ck happened to the reality TV stars you were oh so obsessed with?

Time sure flies, can you believe that it’s been so long since The Hills ended, and 12 years since Laguna Beach was introduced to our lives. Do I feel old or what? Time to take a trip down memory lane and see where everyone is since we last saw them on The Hills finale.

Audrina Patridge

Well back in December, Audrina Patridge announced her pregnancy with fiancé, Corey Bohan. Patridge announced the pregnancy in true 2015 celebrity fashion – via an ad on Instagram.


Audrina was Heidi’s “first new friend in LA”…look how well that turned out. She had her fair share of drama, especially centered around on again – off again boyfriend, Justin “Bobby” Brescia. Since The Hills, Audrina went to star in her short-lived reality show, Audrina, hosted NBC’S 1st look for a season. Audrina’s personal life is still the cutest – engaged to Bohan, and expecting their first child.

I Love finding old photos! Throwback of @bowie82 and I. #brunette #lakelife

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Whitney Port

We first met Whitney when LC started her internship at Teen Vogue. Port was the realest, stayed out of most of the drama, and was basically every girl’s dream work. Halfway through the series, Port left LA for NYC and starred in her own reality show, The City. After The City, and the breakup with Jay – Port has still been killing it. Her clothing line “Whitney Eve” is to die for, and for the best Hollywood romance story ever? Port and The City associate producer, Tim Rosenman married in 2015. Rosenman hasn’t been as active compared to Port, and according to his IMDB page – the last time he produced was in 2012 on X Factor.


Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt

How could I not put these two together? OH, SPEIDI. I thought Heidi was trouble from the moment she walked down that fashion runway in Laguna Beach. Or how about in the pilot when she tried to convince Lauren to let them all in to the exclusive Teen Vogue party? Add in Spencer Pratt into the equation, and that was the beginning of the end of Lauren and Heidi’s friendship. “Speidi” is still together and going strong. Despite a fake divorce file to boost Montag’s career, the couple has been on various reality tv shows, and more recently – have taken to the media to prove that they are good people, don’t like LC, and that Spencer really did spread those sex tape rumors.


Stephanie Pratt

Stephanie’s first appearance was when she went crazy on Lauren at the club but then found out she would be attending the same school as Lauren. While the two became friends, it put a strain on her relationship with her brother, Spencer. She got a DUI, and admitted to past substance abuse problems. If you want to catch up with Pratt, you can still do so on Made in Chelsea where she’s been a cast member since Season 6 (How that even happened – I do not know).

Ripped jeans, Chanel & tons of @meme.london required 4 all meetings #AlexWeMissYou #TeamMeMe #prettyjewelry

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Holly Montag

The introduction of both Pratt and Montag siblings will always be the best. Montag was just kind of there on the show, and stirred up some drama for Speidi since Spencer didn’t take a liking to her. She hung out with Lauren but there wasn’t anything truly remarkable about this girl. In 2014, Holly married Richie Wilson, a medical sales representative. In 2015, Holly gave birth to her first son, Isaiah Hawk Wilson. The family now lives in Utah, and Holly works at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.

Snuggle sesh

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Jen Bunney

I will forever remember Jen through this line: “I stepped on the $200 straightener. I don’t put it away for once. My mom fires our maid because she stole all our silverware so I’m a little unused to cleaning up for myself,” on Laguna Beach. Like what? Bunney stirred trouble up, and hooked up with Brody on Lauren’s 21st birthday but she’s not as dumb as the show portrayed her to be. Jen married college boyfriend Taylor Dunphy in 2014. According to her LinkedIn – Jen has a Bachelor’s Degree in Neuroscience, and two Masters in Business Administration and Public Health.


Kristin Cavallari

The feud of Kristin and Lauren began way back even before Laguna Beach about Stephen or as Kristin would call him, “STEEEEEPHEN.” Cavallari replaced Conrad as the star of The Hills upon Conrad’s departure and stirred drama up in true Cavallari form. After the show was “dunzo,” she began her jewelry and shoe line and is coming out with a new book in March. She also married Chicago Bears quarterback, Jay Cutler, and while you didn’t see him at Super Bowl this past weekend – the family will be based in Chicago until at least 2021 as he just signed a 7 year deal with the team. Together, the couple have three kids – sons Camden, Jaxon, and daughter Saylor. Unfortunately, Kristin’s brother Michael was found dead in December, 2015. She credits Saylor’s birth to helping her get through the hard time.

Morning snuggles with my girl. First time I've been able to hold her by myself in a week. #GirlsTrip #LA

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Justin “Bobby” Brescia

“Homeboy wore combat boots to the beach.” Always there to break Audrina’s heart but also somehow piece it together. The bad boy of the group, or as he often pointed out – he was different from the other guys (aka Brody and Frankie). Before the show, Justin was a hairdresser and since his departure from the show, he has returned to his roots. He has opened up a chain of three salons as well as a hair care line both called “Brush Your Hair”.


Jason Wahler

Bad Boy Jason – as a true LC/Stephen fan, I was definitely never about Jason especially after the fashion show when he cheated on LC with Jessica. That episode also made me fall in love with Dieter and his protectiveness over LC. He’s also the reason that LC will forever be known as “the girl who didn’t go to Paris”. Since his break up with LC, Jason went through tough times including multiple stints in rehab and six alcohol-related arrests. It seems as if he has finally cleaned his act up though, and in 2013 – Jason married model girlfriend Ashley Slack. According to Slack’s instagram bio, she’s a hair colorist, chef, and a yogi. Jason is using his past mistakes to now help others by working at a rehab facility.


Brody Jenner

Brody was a heart-throb, and the midst of almost all the girls’ drama. Jenner has made several appearances on everyone’s guilty pleasure, Keeping Up With The Kardashians and his short-lived show, Sex with Brody. Keeping up with his womanizing ways, Brody had a high-profile relationship with singer, Avril Lavigne. Since that public breakup, Brody has been linked to blogger and Foray co-founder Kaitlynn Carter. On top of his public lifestyle, he’s now a DJ.

Chicago I'm back!! Playing tonight at @parliamentchicago so roll through if you are in town!! ✌️

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Lo Bosworth

Best friends since grade five, Lo and Lauren had a bit of falling out due to Bunney but reconciled. Bosworth graduated from UCLA with a degree in Art History, and launched her website, The Lo Down by Lo Bosworth. In 2013, Bosworth co-founded Revelry House, a fashionable one-stop party shop. She also graduated from the International Culinary Center in NYC in 2013, a passion of hers that she hopes to be able to use for Revelry House. A scroll through her Instagram also shows that she apparently really loves to pose for ads. Whatever brings in the money, right? Bosworth and long-time boyfriend Scott Hochstadt broke it off in 2010 and since then, she’s been linked to businessman, Jeremy Globerson.


Lauren Conrad

My favorite golden girl, Lauren Conrad. Her clothing lines are still going strong, and she debuted an online store, The Little Market which features handmade pieces from women of different cultures. She has clothing line at Kohl’s, a Disney-inspired line, as well as a more upscale clothing line, Paper Crown. Following the success of her reality show stunt, Conrad has wrote several novels loosely based on her experience as well as fashion books. Conrad got married to law student, and former guitarist, William Tell in 2014.


While we are all now aware of The Hills & Laguna Beach being completely fake, the nostalgic part of me will always see it as real. In fact, when I re-watch the series – I completely leave out the last episode or watch the alternative one with Lauren and Brody. At least these two are still best friends.

Um, we invented Post-Its. #LBHS10YearReunion @laurenconrad

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Featured Image via screengrab from The Hills.



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