3 Life Hacks You Need To Ace Any Exam

When I look back on my college days, the first few things that come to my mind are the friends I made, the professors I despised, and all the examinations that always seemed to make my heart skip a beat.

The one that really gets to me amongst those three things, though, is the latter. The thought that I’d have to sit and be presented with a sheet of paper that would, supposedly, determine my ability to grasp the learning imparted to us by our professors in the lecture hours used to make me feel excessively anxious, you’d think I’d need medication. Along the way, I had surprisingly acquired my very own technique to get through them that I’d like to share with you. First things first – I just want to remind you that if you’re hoping that my so-called ‘technique’ is easy, please don’t hold your breath.

Here are the three key things that helped me get through my examinations successfully:

1. I learned to set my priorities straight.

This is actually easier said than done because the truth is I lived almost my entire high school years in a careless way, hence, upon entering higher level of education, I figured that that habit should be thrown out the window real quick.

You don’t have to cut off all your relationships outside school, you just always have to keep in mind which one is more important to you.

Would you rather go and hang out with your friends, or stay the night to study for your quiz the next day? The moment you get the hang of answering this question without having to think too hard, that’s when you’ll know that you finally have a concrete idea of where your priorities lie.

2. I learned to sacrifice sleep.

Sleep, for me, goes on top of everything. I’m not even kidding! I can literally spend 14 hours straight of shut-eye without any interruption. So, the idea that I had to cut those precious hours in less than half during the time that I needed to review made me want to cry.

Just to set things straight, though, it doesn’t really have to be this way for everyone. If you can review in earlier hours of the day, then you can go and do that. It just so happens that in my case, I am more energetic in nighttime than morning that’s why I had to stay up late.

3. I learned to accept my weaknesses.

This learning has impacted my college life the most because it has made me realize that occasional failures do not mean that I am not good enough, they just mean that I am human. We have to keep in mind that there will be instances that you won’t get the grade you desire and the only thing you can do about it is to shrug it off and try harder next time.
These three things have helped me in more ways than one, but knowing that each one of us is created uniquely only goes to show that you can also come up with your own set of techniques to be able to cope in this world.

I just hope that whatever methods you come up with for yourself, you’ll won’t forget that nothing ever comes easy. So, if you’re looking for advice as to how you can ace your test, this is me telling you that giving up easily won’t do you good. If you really want to excel in school, or even in anything else you’re doing, just know that you have to do something about it.

“You don’t get that good by doing nothing.”

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