Keeping Up With College: A New Semester As Told By The Kardashians

Winter break has come to a close (*shedding a single frozen tear because it’s really cold here*). What once felt like a long, endless month has gone by faster than ever. Getting back into the groove of things can be exhausting. There are the new classrooms, class schedules, clubs, and everything in between. We can all relate and there is no better way to explain the pain of trying to keep up with it than with… The Kardashians.

Getting up in the morning is dreadful, especially when you are used to sleeping in till 11 AM for the past month. Why is it that a required class is only offered at 8 AM?! There should be a rule where all classes start no earlier than 10 AM. In the meantime, team ‘No Sleep’ begins…

Going through first day of class ritual of saying your name, major, and potentially favorite color. Standing in front of a bunch of people you don’t know just to say a name your teacher is likely to forget. For real…what’s the point?

Going to the bookstore to stand in line for 5 hours to pay those outrageous bookstore prices… Can you hear that? It’s my wallet crying.

To not only realize that later that you didn’t even need that book that cost you $200 dollars and now it’s too late to return it. Now, you have a new very expensive paper weight. It’s just pocket change, right?

Being number one on a waitlist and praying someone either doesn’t show up or drops the class so you get in. But when you do, you feel like you won the class lottery. It’s just the waiting to find out if you got it, is the hard part.

Listening to what feels like the same syllabus over and over again. I honestly don’t know how many times I can sit through these before I go crazy. I get it. You don’t accept late work. And yes, of course you have to show up to do well.

An upside is you get to show off all the new things you added to your wardrobe over the break. So while you are keeping up with klasses, you also keep up with fashion. Thanks Mom and Dad for helping me stay fabulous. I think it also adds to your drive to get up and go through another semester. When you dress well, you test well.

Just like the Kardashian’s having a support system is important. Your friends have your back to help get you through it. I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t have my friends to help me stay on track. Or even some days give me motivation to get out of bed. Bottom line, make sure you have someone you can lean on when the life gets hard because it sure as hell will.

So when you are feeling defeated, just keep pushing through. It will go by faster than you think and before you know it you will be able to do it in your sleep (because you may have to). At the end of the day enjoy yourself with a Kocktail and relax. You just have to take it one semester at a time. Remember to keep kalm and try to keep up.

Featured image via “137223_2307” by Walt Disney Television / CC BY-ND 2.0



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