6 Simple Ways To Bring Your Damaged Hair Back To Life

My hair is a disaster. I’ve denied this truth for years, but it’s hard to ignore when it’s growing out of your own head. When I was a young teenager, my older sister was in cosmetology school. I very eagerly agreed to be her guinea pig in most of her artistic endeavors. So, I definitely started to dye my hair at a very young age.

Naturally, I have brown hair. However, I’m platinum blonde. Obviously, my hair has received some damage to get here. Especially since my hair has bounced back and forth between four or more different colors for the past eight years.

I’m not proud of my hair’s past, but I’m here to impart the wisdom that I’ve gained since destroying it. There ARE ways to save your hair. I ended up cutting about eight inches off over the summer in an attempt to get rid of most of the dead ends, so I could begin to nurture my hair back to health.

In addition to a trim (which sometimes we all just really need), here are the hair products that I SWEAR will make your hair better by the end of the day.

1. Coconut Oil

There’s no way I could write an article about hair and NOT mention coconut oil, right? This stuff SAVES my hair. I used to religiously soak my hair with it for at least twenty minutes before EVERY shower I took. I kid you not, over those few months, my hair grew three times as fast. This is also a great “mask” to let sit over night. And it’s simple. Rub coconut oil through your hair. Wait at least twenty minutes, and then wash your hair normally. Another trick I have is to rub a small dime sized amount into my ends when they’re really dry, between washings. It keeps my hair from becoming brittle and breaking off.

2. Argan Oil Mask

I know that I’m not the only one who got hit with the Argan Oil Wave a year or so ago. But, I already was addicted to an oil to regularly put in my hair, and I couldn’t get myself to break habit and use this one. However, I have now replaced my regular conditioner with an argan oil hair mask. I shampoo my hair like normal, but then I cover every inch of my hair with this mask and let it sit for at least five minutes (motivating me to shave while I wait) and then rinse it out.

3.Purple Shampoo

Okay, so this one only really applies to blondes. As any blonde knows, you have to keep your hair toned more frequently than you have to keep it bleached, because otherwise your hair gets brassy. And brassy is yucky. I’ve been using this lilac shampoo for the past year and it keeps my hair brass-less. It’s almost like toning my hair every.single.day.

4. Personalized Shampoo/Conditioner

There is this AMAZING company, ProfilePRO, that will make a personalized shampoo and conditioner based on your hair type and condition. And let me tell you, it works wonders. You’ll never go back to Suave once you’ve tried this stuff out. It GETS your hair. I’ve always felt like shampoos that are meant for “dry” or “oily” or “thin” hair is just too much of a blanket, ya know? What if I have dry hair that’s also oily? What if it’s frizzy, but I don’t want it straight? What if I have a dry scalp but I don’t want my hair to be soaked in oil? This shampoo rules out the need for any other “specialty” shampoo.

5. Coconut Oil-Aloe Hair Wash

6. Curl Cream

I know I’m not the only girl out there who struggles to grow her hair past her shoulders. You just don’t know which products are really going to help your hair thrive. These are all products that I’ve used for at least the last nine consecutive months, and I’m telling you, your hair will look and feel AMAZING if you implement a few of these products. Save your hair, and thank me later.

Featured image via Lola Russian on Pexels



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