10 Beautiful Haikus For International Haiku Poetry Day

If you’re a poetry fan, you should know that April 17 is International Haiku Poetry Day. The poetry form is around 400 years old and has undergone a lot of changes throughout history. ‘Haiku’ was originally known as ‘Hokku,’ and the style was originally used in Japan. It was not until the early to mid-1900s that other European authors and poets began to compose their works in a Haiku format. The day is an initiative of the Haiku Foundation, which aims to preserve the art form. 

What is a Haiku? 

A Haiku is a short-form poem that usually has three non-rhyming lines: the first and third lines have five syllables, and the second line has seven syllables. Haikus are known for evoking imagery by referencing elements in nature. 

To celebrate International Haiku Poetry Day, Unwritten has compiled a list of poems regarding spring. Since the weather is changing, and warmer and longer days are coming, the theme for these poems is the spring season. 

Without further ado, here are the poems: 

1. Spring is here

This is a poem about winter turning into spring. The theme is about the change of seasons from blizzards to rain.

Winter – loud blizzards 

Full of cold shivers and frost 

Then showers come – Spring 

2. April 

This is a poem about the month of April. We all know April as the month with plenty of rainfall. However, April is also a month when the cold weather begins to change to warmer weather.

When flowers bloom, the 

Sun shines bright, in the blue skies

Signaling April

3. Bye Winter

This next piece is also about the change of seasons from winter to spring. 

Dark nights turn to days 

The sun shines with more joy 

Time for more daylight 

4. Rain showers 

The fourth piece, entitled “Rain Showers,” is about rainfall in the S=spring season, which symbolizes that the temperature is warmer. 

Drop, drop, drop, it’s rain 

Dripping with rhythm like drums 

Snowy days are gone

5. Warmer days 

This piece is about the change of wardrobe during the spring season, as well as the change of weather. 

No more frost and snow
Coats are away in closets
Time for sunny days 

6. Grass

This piece is about the melting snow and the reappearance of grass underneath the snow. 

The sun shines brightly 

Snow disappears everywhere  

Grass reappears here 

7. Earth 

This piece is about Earth and references the spring season. However, it’s also an advocacy piece that aims to address the importance of protecting our planet. 

A beautiful place

Where birds chirp and flowers dance
Looks joyful today

8. Midnight conversations 

This piece is about staying up late when the weather gets warmer.

The moon says, “Hello” 

I whisper and call my friend

But now I hear mom

9. Spring Mornings 

This piece is about sunny mornings as the days get longer. 

Eyes open and close

The clock strikes seven and shouts 

The Spring sun’s up now

10. Goodbye School 

College students can relate to this piece the best: As spring comes, the semester finishes, which means that school is almost over!

Warm days; homework done 

Exam’s season finished too 

School days are gone – Phew!

You can celebrate International Haiku Poetry Day by writing your own poem. After reading these poems, you can take some inspiration from one of the themes and try composing your own. What can you come up with? Let us know in the comments.

Featured image via Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels



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