10 Things We Want to Ask POTUS on Twitter

God Bless America and let freedom ring, our President has gotten a twitter. This is exciting news, people.. We all know there is a government-approved-not-fun-at-all twitter account for Obama, but on May 18th the government finally realized that the tech-savvy generation may pay more attention to a non-regulated and more personalized twitter, and let POTUS have a little fun and have his own account. With this wonderful news, here are the honest, hard-hitting questions we really want to tweet at good ole’ POTUS.

1. Will you subtweet?

President Obama is known for throwing shade (let us not forget this stinger), so we can only hope this will transpire over the Twitter world so we can see it. Let’s be honest, we all know you hate McCain anyway.


2. Is Michelle going to be jealous if you follow other women?

While Michelle might be a confident badass, she’s not much different than the rest of us women. We do weird shit all the time…like see who our men follow on social media. So, Michelle, the real question here is, how pissed are you going to get if Obama follows Sarah Palin? Or Monica Lewinsky? *drops mic*

3. How realistic are the National Treasure movies?

I love these movies as much as I love hating Nicholas Cage (juicy-contradiction, I know). So basically I’m going to need you to tweet me and tell me if there really is a secret map on the back of the Declaration of Independence. I will cry if there isn’t, just warning you.

4. Are you #TeamFollowBack?

No one likes the guy who wants to prove how cool he is by keeping strict watch on his following/follower ratio. Plus some of us are pretty funny on Twitter, so you’ll be sure to get a good laugh if you hit us (me) with that #followback

5. Where is Tupac?

Asking for a friend.


So seriously, Obama, these are the hard-hitting questions we really need answers too. Getting a twitter account can be a great thing, so don’t disappoint us here. Life, liberty and the pursuit of all personal presidential Twitter accounts.

Yours truly,


Featured image via “Obama” by Justin Sloan / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


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