8 Secret Shopping Sites Perfect For Spring

Put away the keys, take out your credit card, and throw your slippers back on!

While shopping at the mall with your friends is every 90’s kids favorite pastime, things have changed in the age of digital transitions. We are busy, malls are restricted on what they offer, and smartphones have placed the latest style changes in the palm of our hand. Everything has become mainstream; so how do you make your chic style stand out from the rest?

After some personal experiences and digging for a few hidden treasures, here are some of our favorite online shops and boutiques. With easy access and endless trending items, you’re sure to find one you love (and on a budget).

1. Decadence Boutique

Decadence Boutique, based in Mesa, Arizona, has some of the latest fashion trends available to online shoppers. One of the best things about this boutique is the variety of tops, bottoms, accessories, and dresses available. While shopping with mainstream companies like Hollister, American Eagle, and Forever 21 usually leaves a limited amount of sizes, colors, and styles, Decadence Boutique has just about everything you can think of. And yes, they allow you to request that products be restocked online! How great is that?!

Favorite item: Always On My Mind dress (mint)

2. La Posh Style

Let’s start of by just noting that La Posh Style has some FABULOUS prices on their site, something you wouldn’t necessarily expect from a boutique. One of my personal favorites about this site are the blazers and cardigans they have available. Using a blazer or cardigan is one of the simplest ways to dress up a solid color top for an interview, outing with friends, or special occasion.

Favorite Item: Polka Dot Blazer (red)

3. Mint Julep Boutique

“Whether you are in the market for dresses and maxi dresses, rompers and jumpsuits, shorts and pants, kimonos and cardigans, boots and booties, or flats and wedges we have got you totally covered!” Sounds great, right? The online only Mint Julep Boutique really is a one-stop shop for just about every fashion need you could have. Head on over to their website and check out their new arrivals for the spring. With some great dresses and styles in stock, show a little skin this spring with style and poise.

Favorite Item: The Sara Dress (periwinkle) 

4. Hello Molly Fashion

As one of Australia’s highest ranked online boutiques, Hello Molly offers something for just about every style you could think of. From the festival choices to kick off your spring/summer to the basics of fashion and staff favorites, this boutique offers a unique shopping experience unlike those you would get with mainstream shopping.

I was recently introduced to Hello Molly myself, and I couldn’t help but purchase something as soon as I dove into their site. I really loved that they had their staff favorites up and easy to find; that’s something I have yet to see on any other shopping website that I’ve used to date! Hello Molly is definitely one to check out!

Favorite Item: Forever In My Mind Dress (Blue)

5. Pink Slate Boutique

(I’m going to take some pride in this one, as Pink Slate Boutique is based in my hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio!!)

Something on the website for this fabulous boutique really resonates: “Fashion is such an amazing outlet for how you are feeling on any given day, and we want you to speak volumes through your wardrobe.” They believe in making each buyer feel loved with a special gift in each package, as well as options you may not find in mainstream stores or other online shops. The Curvy Collection allows you to embrace every hip, chest, and curve to truly love how beautiful you are. The items in the collection at Pink Slate Boutique are high quality, comfortable, and style savvy for those looking for some hidden treasures.

Favorite Item: Time to Change Watch

6. Planet Blue

Break out your inner boho-chic. This California-inspired shop is a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. With styles for every season, Planet Blue really goes all-out on the trending Bohemian, California, and vintage styles that you have been seeing on some of the world’s biggest celebrities and in well-known magazines.

Check out their latest spring fashions and their festival section. This will definitely be your best preparation for all of those summer concerts, from Coachella and The Fray’s tour with Train to your local country concert lineup.

Favorite Item: Blue Life shirred waist halter dress

7. Shop Hopes

For the inner diva in you, check out Shop Hope’s latest lookbook. While this list may be small for the spring, they have simply gorgeous maxi dresses, dresses, and gowns for formals, weddings and more. Pair them with some Glamorous in Gold heels, and you’ve got a look that everyone is sure to love!

Favorite Item: What You Know Jeans, Light Denim

8. Shop Priceless

Style, quality, and ease. What a perfect shopping experience! Shop Priceless, also based in Arizona, is one of my personal favorite online boutiques. They have EVERYTHING. I have purchased shoes, dresses, jewelry, tops, and just about anything else you can think of from Shop Priceless.

Right now, they have a full lineup and lookbook specifically for the Road to Coachella. Find lace shorts, crop tops, maxi skirts and dresses, wedges, headbands, and so much more for your summer concerts and festivals. If you are anything like me, you’re looking for a steal when you shop style, and this is definitely the place to find it! I give Shop Priceless 5 stars!

Favorite Item: Crushin’ On You Dress (red)

When you’re all done shopping for your new wardrobe, you may ask yourself where you should put it all. There’s this great website for buying, selling, and trading styles called Poshmark. It is so simple and easy to use. Little did you know, Unwritten started as a curated consignment website for college girls. They sell your favorite brands like Free People and Urban Outfitters with almost everything under $30, so go check it out!

Featured image via Max Fischer on Pexels


  1. I will definitely use these websites. I personally hate shopping in stores, so I am always looking for new places to shop online!


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