7 Things We Swore We Would Never Do In College

We all have those promises that we make with our friends the summer before we all move away from each other and start new lives. Then, on winter break when we have a slumber party to dish about all the amazing college stories and the lessons we have learned, do you realize that those promises you made were not so easy to keep.

  1. Wearing pajamas to the dining hall

We were able to stay strong for the majority of the semester but there eventually comes a time that we give up all hope of looking presentable. As soon as finals were around the corner, all rules went out the window. Next thing we knew, we found ourselves ordering ham sandwiches in blue snowflake pajama pants. Do I regret it? No, not even one bit.

  1. Snapchat every time we go out

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and maybe even that occasional Tuesday you’ll find endless posts popping up on your story list, no doubt. Whether it’s a photo of us with our girls or a video of everyone dancing to “Blank Space” at the bar, it seems to make the cut. Who knows if it’s us being too lazy to actually send it to people or we just want everyone to see the great time we’re having, there is no shame in being ten seconds of your entertainment for the night.

  1. Not wear makeup to class

Every girl swears that she is going to ditch the makeup when she has to go to class. Yet, we find ourselves still self-conscious without it. Makeup isn’t something that is needed by anyone but if it makes us feel better, we should do it. Nothing is wrong with feeling good about ourselves.

  1. Let our bank account go below $20

A seven dollar meal at Chipotle every week sounds like a great plan when your parents are buying it. Let’s be honest, no one worries about how much money we spend before college, but as soon as we get there we realize just how much money we don’t have. The biggest problem is buying that bacon, egg & cheese bagel every morning thinking “It’s only a few dollars” but after a month, you see the hit your bank account takes.

  1. Not being able to function without coffee

Starbucks was not a place where my friends would hang out on weekends. Its beauty was never truly valued until we went to college. Looking around, it’s hard to find a person without a coffee in their hand, just trying to start their day. And of course, we have to contribute to locally brewed coffee, right?

  1. Owning more leggings than jeans

Yes, yes, we all say this one don’t we? “I didn’t try to look nice in high school because I had to wake up so early but I will try harder in college!” Although, now looking back on our first semester, we can’t seem to remember the last time we actually wore jeans to class. Maybe it was the first day? Oh wait, nope, not even then.

  1. Using Tinder

It was a dreadful and regretful Saturday night. We were returning home late, with pizza in hand. We decided that the best thing to do at that time was to download Tinder. I mean, why not? It’s basically the new match.com. A few interesting messages later, we decided love would not be found on that app. Needless to say; it was deleted less than 24 hours later.

We all make promises we can’t keep, so instead of trying, just promise to have the time of your life in college. It’s the best years, they say. So live, learn, and make mistakes.


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