6 Tips & Tricks To Spice Things Up In The Bedroom

It’s very apparent in today’s world that there are many ways to have fun in the bedroom. Women have been reading books about it for years, and movies have started integrating some of it into the screens for everyone to see. Whenever someone searches “kinks” online, the search results come up with a plethora of options, which can sometimes be overwhelming!

Luckily, I’m here to give you a few ideas to look into and try out in the bedroom! This will also provide you with some general information about what you and your partner should discuss before getting kinky.

1. Discuss boundaries

This is the most important rule in any relationship, but especially in a romantic one. Knowing how far someone is willing to go to explore a specific kink or idea is imperative. It’s not to shame the other person and make them think they don’t like anything; it’s about giving your partner a heads-up of what direction they can take things!

2. Sweeten things up

Yes, you heard me! Plenty of times, people have essentially decorated some part of their partner in whipped cream or chocolate syrup before licking it up. Who knew that a can of whipped cream could be so handy and not just for sundaes?

3. Add a mirror or video

Sometimes, couples do not truly realize how erotic it can be to see themselves doing something until they’re in front of a mirror. Even just recording parts of your “session” can be fun to watch afterward too. It’s almost like you can’t believe that’s you doing those things when, in fact, it is!

4. Try role play

As women, we love lingerie. But as much as men enjoy seeing it on us, it goes onto the floor pretty quickly. Fortunately, there are some outfits that could probably stay on longer than ten minutes if you and your partner decide to “act out” a scenario you’ve been imagining. After all, sexy Halloween costumes don’t have to be used just one night out of the year.

5. Attend a class

Ok, hear me out on this: Sometimes specific kinks involve a lot of concentration. Perhaps you’re interested in rope bondage, and watching a video just isn’t cutting it. So, going to a class specific for the kink community will ensure that you know what your interest entails and how to practice it safely.

6. Tell them about your fantasy

This can definitely feel intimidating. After all, most of the time, fantasies are just supposed to remain within the pages of a journal and not be read aloud for someone else. However, if your partner really supports and cares for you, they’re not going to judge you for your fantasy. In fact, they may have a similar interest, and all you needed to do was mention yours first! 

There’s no need to be shy about something you have heard, read, or seen somewhere, especially if it truly peaks your interest. If your partner is remotely into anything outside a “vanilla” lifestyle, they’re more than willing to hear you out and see if it’s possible to somehow incorporate it into your bedroom.

Featured image via Yaroslav Shuraev on Pexels


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