Why Ladies Need to Stop Avoiding the “Men’s Area” at the Gym

There is nothing more irritating than hearing people refer to the free-weights section in the gym as the “men’s section”. But it isn’t completely untrue; that section is crawling with guys. It’s a generalization that needs to be challenged and stopped. And the only ones who can are those steering clear; yes you, ladies.

The overflowing amount of men and testosterone is enough to intimidate some women into avoiding eye contact with that area, let alone stepping foot inside of it. Don’t pretend that you’ve never skipped doing squats because it was surrounded by guys. Or passed over skull crushers because the men have claimed the bench.

And why do women do this? Why surrender to a slight insecurity and sacrifice the body you obviously are trying to achieve.

Maybe inexperience? You don’t want to be looking like a fool, doing an exercise with the wrong form, right? Quick solution: Do your research. (Bodybuilding.com forums are a definite favorite!) Don’t think that everyone just magically knows how to do a proper one-arm dumbbell row, or a proper squat. Just remember, everybody had to start somewhere. People aren’t born Arnold Schwarzenegger, except maybe… Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Doing research helps you create a workout routine. It gives your workout a structure and prevents you from just walking aimlessly into the gym not knowing what you’ll be working out that day. Don’t fall into the tragic habit of only working out one kind of muscle (yes we know you want that big ass but your other muscles need some love too). And worst of all, don’t pay a monthly gym fee just to log in some miles on the treadmill or elliptical. Unless you’re training for a marathon, mix that shit up! To improve is to change, and your body won’t improve if you stick to the same old routine.

Alright, so you don’t want to be stared at while you work your ass off, especially when it’s actually your ass you’re working; completely understandable. Well, unless you want to cram yourself with the 20 other women in the tiny private women’s area, there’s no solution for that. With the already tiny number of women using the free weights, you definitely will be looked at. Quick solution: Turn up your music, get lost in your own world and fuck everybody else. You’re at the gym for yourself, and so is everybody else! Besides, it’s better to be the distraction than to be the one distracted.

Okay so maybe you’re thinking you don’t need the free weights. You have no problem relinquishing those weights. You’re completely satisfied with your fitness classes, your cardio workouts, and those other machines. That’s fine, but don’t completely knock an option out without having given it an honest try first. Something only feels weird if you’re never done it before. Free weights challenge your stability and core in a way that a machine won’t. Because with free weights, you don’t have a machine to rely on to stabilize your muscle when you lift. You’re in complete control; your muscles are challenged even more. So take a stroll down the free weights lane, and realize the possibilities!

It’s mind boggling that women pay the same amount as men monthly, to work out in the tiniest designated women’s area that could ever be made. Fuck what everybody else thinks and reclaim your share of the free weights section. Don’t cut your workout and yourself short because of what some random might think of you for one tiny second. Zone out, and fuck— let them stare, but all while lifting that weight.

I have a dream… that one day, men will be the ones to shy away from that section because of the abundance of sexy ass women hogging what should have always been shared by the sexes.

Let’s lift our hearts out, ladies.

Featured Image from Pixabay


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