21 Types Of Girls You Should Date

There’s been this weird trend where suddenly the internet is telling men (and women) what kind of girls they should date. Date a girl who travels. Date a girl who dances. Date a girl who cooks. I could go on. Although I am rather partial to this last one (I seriously love to cook), I find it odd how we need to read random articles online to determine what kind of people we should date. You don’t necessarily need a girl who travels or dances or reads. Well actually, I would hope she reads. But anyways, dating a girl is not always about what she does, but also what she doesn’t do:

  1. Date a Girl Who Doesn’t Get Around. This one sounds foolproof, but you’d be surprised how many guys fuck this up.
  2. Date a Girl Who Doesn’t Answer Every Text with Hashtags. Does she think Twitter is secretly reading your conversation? #ontothenextone
  3. Date a Girl Who Doesn’t Hang Out with People She Hates. I never understood girls on this one. Why hang out with someone you don’t like, then call the person your ‘good friend’?
  4. Date a Girl That Doesn’t Drink and Drive. Unless you think DWI means ‘doesn’t withhold intercourse’.
  5. Date a Girl Who Doesn’t Constantly Ask If She Looks Fat. An occasional ‘do I look fat?’ moment is okay. Changing her outfit 18 times and asking ‘do I look fat?’ after each outfit isn’t.
  6. Date a Girl Who Doesn’t Nag All Day. Asking where you are is one thing. But if you tell her you’re going to the store for milk and she insists you’re at a strip club, abort that mission. Now.
  7. Date a Girl Who Doesn’t Order Take Out Every Night. You want a girl that can fend for herself. And sometimes that means making a decent meal.
  8. Date a Girl Who Doesn’t Talk Shit. If she’s talking shit to you about someone else, chances are she’s talked shit about you to someone.
  9. Date a Girl Who Doesn’t Wait Around. A girl who is constantly growing and progressing will keep things interesting to say the least. Realize that a life partner will keep you on your toes and will put pressure on you to be the best you can be.
  10. Date a Girl Who Doesn’t Preach All Day About Feminism. It’s not that I’m not a feminist. I definitely think men and women should be able to compete together on an equal playing field. It’s just I have this feeling that girls who preach all day about women’s rights might have some insecurities that run on a more personal level. A secure woman knows her worth and doesn’t rely on an ideology to tell her what she can and can’t do.
  11. Date a Girl Who Doesn’t Use Buzzfeed To Catch Up on Current Events. Because Buzzfeed is oh so accurate.
  12. Date a Girl Who Doesn’t Flake. This applies to both bailing on events and whether or not she uses Head and Shoulders.
  13. Date a Girl Who Doesn’t Hide Her Emotions. This one is tricky. You don’t want a walking waterfall for a girlfriend. But you also don’t want a girl who constantly purses her lip and acts all passive aggressive on you, chanting ‘it’s fine’ like it’s her national anthem. Cliché I know, but date a girl who means what she says and says what she means.
  14. Date a Girl Who Doesn’t Cringe At the Idea of Guys’ Night. Does she not realize this gives her license to also have a girls’ night?
  15. Date a Girl Who Doesn’t Pick Her Nose In Front of You. Because that’s fucking gross.
  16. Date a Girl Who Doesn’t Eat Pizza with a Fork and Knife. Now that is one uptight bitch.
  17. Date a Girl Who Doesn’t Watch Reality TV all day. You’ll grow to resent her when it’s playoffs season.
  18. Date a Girl Who Doesn’t Think ‘A Farewell to Arms’ Is a New Diet Book. Through the words of Drake, I always like my women book and street smart.
  19. Date a Girl Who Doesn’t Disrespect Her Body. I’m not saying your girl needs to be rail thin or the next Crossfit champion. But ultimately, a girl who loves and respects herself is going to take care of herself. That means eating right, exercising, and carving out some time for her and only her.
  20. Date a Girl Who Doesn’t Ask Why There’s Isn’t A ‘You are Here’ Icon on a Portable Map. If you don’t get this one, you guys deserve each other.
  21. Date a Girl Who Doesn’t Hate You. You’d be surprised how many guys repeatedly go after girls that clearly don’t like them back or aren’t interested. I’m no scientist, but I hypothesize there’s a greater chance of finding love if you ask someone out who finds you attractive and interesting to begin with.

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  1. I think this was interesting to read, as I hadn’t really thought about making a list of something regarding this. It’s funny, because it just so happens that I believe I don’t do most of the things listed (if not all), which is somewhat good to know. However, I see a few of these to be way too judgmental. One in particular: “Date a Girl Who Doesn’t Disrespect Her Body”. I would agree with just the heading to some extent, but the description I don’t agree with. If a girl chooses not to exercise, but uses that time to volunteer instead, is that bad? If a girl is just unfortunate and doesn’t have the time to eat because she doesn’t have the money to pay for food or doesn’t have the time to because she’s paying for her own tuition, is that really a reason a guy should stay away? Then again, this is just my opinion, and I may just be too picky, or I just have friends struggling with uncontrollable factors and I feel the need to defend them.

  2. Good list, an eye opener for me along the lines of the MWP list that is so true and a starter for a personal chautauqua leading to a more examined life.

    “I like my life simple and friend complex”, advice from a 70 year old life long learner; learning never gets old and you never know everything!

  3. A more complete answer:
    4 – you can not enter Canada with a DUI! Surprise they have the documents at the border and will turn you around.
    19 – You wrote the most on this one and barely scratched the surface of this one.
    21. Never chase after a Bus or woman (man) you will always be left behind and kinda like the last privilege on the Male White Privilege list: You have the privilege of not knowing the above advantages.


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