The Finale To Finals: How to End the Semester Off Right

Now that finals week is officially over, it’s time for us college kids to do what we do best and celebrate the end of the semester the usual way we know how—wreak havoc. After talking to a number of fellow Terps, here are just a few post-finals rituals some of you should consider taking up if you’re looking to blow off some steam from the most stressful week of the semester.

1.) Go to the bars

As per usual a celebration is nothing without a little to drink…alright a lot to drink in this case. What better way to commemorate the end of final exams than to drink the night away with your friends? Answer: There really is no better way. Getting ridiculously wasted is the perfect way to say, “fuck you” to all academics.

2.) Hit-up that special someone

Since it’s the end of the semester, this should be the time for you to muster up the courage to talk to the boy/girl you’ve been crushing on before that person leaves for winter break. You never know what might happen and let’s be honest, you really have nothing to lose. If you’re feeling particularly anxious about it, take a shot or two and then text that hottie!

3.) Thank Testudo

Unless you’re that cruel person who lit the poor guy on fire (someone’s not getting an A), definitely take the time to rub Testudo’s nose to ensure you get that exam grade you were hoping for. You didn’t just give him all those offerings for no reason and it’s always nice to follow-up! So do a good deed as a Terp and just give the guy a little extra thank you.

4.) Obligatory “I’m done with finals” social media status

Everyone does it, and for some reason it gets a lot of unwarranted attention. But hey, who doesn’t appreciate a few extra “likes” on their facebook status or “favorites” and “retweets” on their tweets. Nobody said it was against social media law to express your excitement to the world and to be honest, that’s what it’s there for!

5.) Shred/burn/re-sell textbooks

Nothing says, “I’m done with school” quite like getting rid of those annoying, heavy, expensive textbooks that gave you nothing but hell all semester. So whether you shred them, burn them or sell them to some other poor soul who has to take them off your hands. Whatever you do, just make sure they’re no longer in your possession.

Definitely take some of these options into consideration if you want to finish the semester the way a Terp should. Above all, just breath, you survived another hell week. Until next time…

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