What Your Halloween Costume Says About You

Well, tonight’s the night. The night where UMD students will be given a hall-pass to drink their way into oblivion, all while wearing an outfit that they call a ‘costume’.

Yep, it’s Halloween betches.

Tonight at whatever party or bar you choose to abuse your liver, there will be people rockin’ costumes ranging all the way from celebrity lookalikes to lingerie-labcoat-wearing ladies. Halloween is the ultimate people watching experience, and the costume you decide to wear can say a lot about your personality. So here’s a list of tried and true costumes and what they reveal about you.

The Risqué Animal Costume

Furry animal ears+tail+lingerie= an instant costume. If you’re wearing these digs, then you’re the average college girl who wants a formal excuse to show off a little extra skin. The majority of girls you’ll see this weekend will be dressed as your typical cat, bunny, cheetah, and your occasional mouse, because Halloween isn’t complete without the phrase, “I’m a mouse,duh,” (thanks Karen).

The Creative Couple Costume

We all have those friends who are the cutest couple ever, and then their cuteness skyrockets when you see them dressed as Danny and Sandy from Grease or as Veronica Corningstone and Ron Burgundy from Anchorman.  The saying goes that two is better than one, and these couple costume combos are no exception. For us single people, you could third wheel on a cute couple costume . . . literally. 

The Actually ‘Scary’ Costume

There’s that one person who makes Halloween what it’s actually supposed to be; scary. It’s awesome when a girl shows up to a party dressed like a zombie a la Cady Heron in Mean Girls because it shows that she has the confidence to actually appreciate Halloween, not ‘Slutoween’, as perfectly described by Cosmopolitan. 

The Liquor Cabinet Costume

This is one of the most popular group costumes for college students. It’s easy to make (beer box skirts are abound), shows your appreciation for the nectar of the gods…alcohol, and says a lot about your collegiate self. For example, that box of Franzia you’re wearing is who you are to your core: sweet and tangy, but also a little tacky because it comes from a box.

The Cosplay Costume

I appreciate ComicCon just as much as an average person should, but I feel completely different when you are dressed as something from one of the conventions. I don’t want to say nerd, but . . .

The Athlete Costume

In my opinion, this is usually the worst costume of all, unless you’re going as The Fab Five from the 2012 Summer Olympics. Guys usually use this costume to dress up as their favorite NBA player. As far as I’m concerned that isn’t Halloween. You’re just wearing that over worn Lakers jersey that your mom gave you for your birthday that you could wear to any other possible event: class, concerts, gym, or whatever, just don’t wear it on Halloween.

The Anything and Everything Miley Cyrus Costume

You know everyone’s going to enter the party belting, “I came in like a wrecking baaalllll,” while dressed in a nude latex bikini with little hair ‘nubbins’. I get it, you love Miley, I love Miley too, but try to be a little more original with your Miley Costume. Instead of going as VMA or Wrecking Ball Miley, go as Miley impersonating Michele Bachman from the “We Did Stop” music video, and you’ll show everyone that you’re culturally and politically aware.

Whatever you go as this Halloween, make sure it reveals how creative and fun you are, and not how much of a basic bitch we all are the other 364 days of the year. Happy Halloween!

Featured image via Mean Girls


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