Handbags Exposed: What You Find in a Girl’s Bag

Ah, the oversized bag trend. It has become more and more popular over the years, yet I still remember my first NYC designer knock off. I was young, and too naive to know how to properly accessorize my wannabe Marc Jacobs stam bag (may it rest in peace). I certainly didn’t know what to carry in it, either. Now I almost always carry a huge purse. I’m sorry, but a small cross body won’t do for even my everyday essentials. In high school I earned the nickname Mary Poppins because I was sure to have what you needed in my bag of tricks. No joke though, I have no idea how I fit all my junk in there. While I choose to carry everything but the kitchen sink in my bag, there are a few things every fashionista SHOULD carry in her massive tote.

The Oversized Wallet
I don’t know about you ladies, but I tend to hold on to receipts, coupons, and all things money related. Where do they end up? My wallet. It used to get to the point where my wallets would actually split, or I’d bust the zipper. Don’t tell me you’ve never had too much change in your middle pocket. Sometimes a good structured, oversized wallet is just the key to hold it all.

Here’s a trick though: treat yourself to a nice wallet. Personally, I am obsessed with anything Kate Spade. Who doesn’t love her classic yet quirky pieces? I indulged in a wallet that has my favorite animal printed all over it (literally). Nobody could do a flamingo print better than Kate Spade.

Tide to Go Pen
Every girl, guy, fashionista, or otherwise should have one of these in their bag. Here’s a scenario for you. You walk out of your house in the morning looking super swanky, and as you get off the bus in lot HH you spill that yummy latte you were drinking down your shirt. You can’t go home, and you sure won’t be taking your silk top off in a grimy campus bathroom. Get a Tide to Go pen, you’ll thank me later.

I absolutely cannot walk out of my house without my shades. My sensitive blue eyes just couldn’t handle it. But this must have item in your bag also doubles as a brilliant accessory. Sometimes the best way to amp up your off the runway look is to add some hater blockers to the mix. I’ve been on a kick for anything aviator, but they have to fit your face! The bug-eyed look is not the way to go anymore. With a petite face I opt for a smaller pair of classic gold Ray-Ban aviators.

Okay, so this item may not be the most fashion related. I can tell you right now though that NO ONE wants to smell your stinky mouth. I don’t care if you just had the best meal of your life at Moby Dick House of Kabob. I don’t want that in my face. They say the best accessory is a smile, but I won’t be smiling if I think you need to brush your teeth. I hear the Union Shop has a great Trident selection.

The Make-Up Bag
We fashionable ladies find what our face looks like to be just as important as the clothing we put on our bodies in the morning. I might not want to look like a clown (although some days I feel that way) but even minimal make-up polishes off a look. That being said, what lady doesn’t want to look great all day? Having that handy make-up bag solves the problem altogether. What a better place to keep it than in my mammoth sized bag? My bag of make-up essentials (I’ll save that for another piece) just happens to be another Kate Spade staple. This beaut’ is red with white polka dots in vinyl for the win.

Whether going to class, or making Colli Park your personal playground, there are always things you just have to take with you. Next time you leave the apartment remember the essential items above and don’t be afraid to show off your sass in what you carry. I know you ladies have some personality out there!

So tell me, what other secrets do you carry in your bag?



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