5 Ways To Make Your New Living Space Truly Feel Like Home

When you move into a new place, it can take time to make it to truly feel like home. It’s empty and without character when you start living there. You have to move in the furniture, move it again, move it one more time, and then just take time to feel comfortable there.

At the end of March 2019, my husband and I bought a house. Before we moved in, we took a month to really make it our own, so that it would be our home when we did start living there instead of just mine or his. Here are the four things that you can do, too, to give your house a homey vibe.

1. All The Paint

Before moving in, my husband and I painted every single room in our new house, except for the bathroom and the garage. This has gone a long way in making this house feel unique to us, and I fully recommend it. You get to literally make your home your canvas. Paint that kitchen gloriously bright yellow, or create that bold orange accent wall. Or, paint every wall black if that means home to you. Ultimately, it’s about whatever will make you feel most happy and at home.

2. Soft, New Carpet

The carpet that came with our house was… fine, but not great. It was worn thin in a few places and definitely wasn’t super soft. After looking at our budget, we decided that our big moving expense would be a brand new carpet. It was a process, but it was one of the best decisions we’ve made as homeowners. Getting a brand new carpet lets you personalize the color, texture, and more. It won’t be the default tan carpet — it’ll be exactly what you chose for your home.

3. Update Those Baseboards

This might sound silly, but replacing our baseboards made our house look 300% better. And I’m not exaggerating in the slightest. They can get pretty beat up over time, plus modern options aren’t as short or plain as the old school ones. It can be a relatively inexpensive project that can make a huge difference in your home.

4. Add One Fun Decorative Piece

My husband and I did our best not to buy anything for the house before we got all moved in. We wanted to unpack first, see what we really needed instead of just impulse-buying everything from Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Market line. In general, I think this is good advice, but we did make one exception: a beautiful rug that ended up guiding all of our living room colors. Definitely don’t go buying all the cool items you see, but if you come across that one thing that really speaks to you, then go for it! Having really unique home decor at your house can really make the place feel like it was built just for you.

5. Customize Your Garage Space

Most of the time, the space in our garage gets wasted. It can eventually turn into that dark area in the house that we don’t use. So, don’t be afraid to customize your garage by creating your very own DIY space or woodworking shop. If you’re looking into woodworking as a hobby, you can build a small shop in your garage. Check out this page for in-depth tips – https://www.sawinery.net/woodworking/setting-up-small-shop-in-garage/

Buying a house is stressful, as is making it a “home” once it officially belongs to you. Luckily, these tips will make this venture a little easier on you. Most of all, you should remember that making it yours is all about doing what you like — don’t let your sister or friend talk you into a style because they’re into it. It’s your home!

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What’s your favorite tip to make your house feel homey? Tell us in the comments!

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Feature Image by Bent Van Aeken on Unsplash


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