9 Ways To Organize Your Home Office Like A Complete Boss

Having a home office should be an empowering thing but when things start to pile up and organization lacks, it begins to feel more like a burden than anything. Here are some tips for all you #bossbabes to get that shit together and have your home office feel like your sanctuary:

1. Get a consistent color scheme going
You can DIY objects to construct a theme if you want to go with a cheaper option. This makes the space clean and clear and it helps create a calming feeling and can also help you focus.

2. Files, files, files
Group up your paperwork in the best way for you. You can get organizers for your desk hanging organizers, or organizers for inside your cabinet drawers.

3. … with Labels and more labels
What good is having things filed away if you don’t know where you put them?

4. Clear up desktop clutter by using wall space
It can help you feel less overwhelmed and it is also makes everything more visible and feels more approachable.

5. Contain the little clutter
Whether it is pens, clips, magnets, etc. use small jars or bowls to keep them together.

6. Hide your cords
Half the time clutter looks so much worse because you have cords coming from every which way. Put away cords that you aren’t using (you can find them if you LABEL!!) and use one of these hacks for the cords you always have plugged in.

7. If you don’t need it, get rid of it.
I know half the time I have mail laying around that I don’t need or coupons that are months expired. This is the least enjoyable part of organizing but take the time and you won’t be sorry.

8. Get rid of the extra nick nacks
If it is something that has some significance to you, place it on a shelf or in another room. If you have a lot of pictures placed on your desk, use the wall space for those as well.

9. Instead of using notes all over, try using a goal list or calendar
Having everything in one place creates less clutter in your office and in your head.

Whether you run your business from home, or you just like a space to pay the bills, there are many ways to make the space comfortable and calming for you.

Featured image via Slidebean on Unsplash


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