15 Struggles Perpetually Busy People Know Too Well

By nature, women are the busiest people on the planet because we are fairly good at coordinating schedules, multitasking and creating solutions for all kinds of different problems. So it’s no wonder so many of us have very limited time. The simplest things can create conflicts with other activities and it can throw us off. But regardless of the personality type, we can all relate to these struggles.

You need a week’s notice to make plans

With so many things going on, we really do need a bit of notice to confirm plans or attempt to make them actually happen. Which leads me to my next point…

Not everyone will respect our request for notice of said plans.

A little respect is all we ask for. But then…

Other people try offering suggestions to make it work but it never works and it just overwhelms you.

How about no?

You can’t go on casual dates because you’re more than likely busy when they suggest something.

They might hate that you’re busy but they just need to give us notice. It’s not that hard.

Fast walking is your main form of transportation.

There is no tolerance for slow walkers. Go faster or get out of the way.

Falling asleep can be so difficult because your mind is always on the go

All we want is 6 peaceful hours of sleep. We can’t be unrealistic to get 8, so we can settle.

Breakdowns don’t happen very often, but when they do. There is a lot of crying involved.

And I mean a lot.

When a crisis arrives, you’re the go-to person to handle it all.

It actually brings joy to your life.

Check lists are your life.

How can people function without them?

All meals are leftovers, microwavable or take out.

Judge us all you want, but at least we still eat.

Your showers are always long because that is the only time you have to yourself.

We more than likely let loose during this time as well.

Your lowkey waiting for someone to come into your life and make you want to settle down from your crazy ways.

Why sit around and do nothing when you can make money or do productive things?

Binge watching is not really a thing in our worlds.

The only time we do this is if we squeeze in a night of freedom while we do something at home instead of somewhere else.

People saying they have busy lives when they do a fraction of what you do annoys you to no end.

We have no sympathy for you people.

When you actually have free time you don’t know what to do.

Seriously, you can’t relax because you are convinced you still have something to do even though you don’t.

At the end of the day we might be exhausted, stressed and/or cranky. But we like to be busy and we do it to ourselves. Sure, we don’t have to be working full time, work other jobs or take classes, and we really don’t have to over commit but why not build ourselves up now so we can relax more in the future?

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