Malia Obama Has Every Damn Right To Live Her College Life

In the last year or so Malia Obama has been in the news for just living her life like any other public figure. However, this time the “regular people” of the world are begging the press to leave her alone.

Over the past week, videos have been surfacing online of her kissing a man and blowing smoke rings.

I understand there is a common interest in the former first daughter, especially since we saw her grow up into an influential young woman right before our eyes in the media. But there is no reason to document her every single move while she’s trying to live the life of a regular university student.

The fact she is trending on social media pages for acting like a typical student rather than the business woman the press assumed she would turn into at her ripe age of 19 is pretty pathetic. It shows that the media is drama hungry and fairly pathetic because this is a leading news story.

Aren’t there more important things to talk about like, how Hollywood is opening the discussion for sexual harassment in the workplace and the lack of others standing behind their colleagues for the past twenty-plus years? Or the current first family and how their decisions actually impact people aside from themselves? Or the fact that 200 people were killed in Egypt on that same day the videos leaked is getting no coverage?

Trump supporters are brutally bashing her. She was caught smoking a legal substance in the state of Massachusetts. Did they not realize that Don Jr. was allegedly called “Diaper Don” in college because he would pass out while blackout drunk and would piss himself? Then again, those same people worship a sexual predator and want a pedophile to be a senator. So I guess they really don’t have common sense.

Luckily the internet is fighting back and emphasizing on keeping her private life private. And they went above and beyond defending her, which was nice to see, especially coming from young people.

Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton tweeted her support for Obama, and current first daughter (and the semi-normal member of the Trump family) Ivanka Trump tweeted her support as well. It was actually nice to see her supporting another woman and seeming to actually mean it.

I personally think the haters are only jealous because she’s getting a very high level of education at one of the most elite schools in the nation, and is having the time of her life. Why else would you hate someone for going to school and living their life? Regardless if you’re going to Harvard, Yale or the local community college, all students do these activities. She’s no different than anyone else.

The worst part of this is that her “friends” or colleagues are posting her personal business online and to major news companies. The poor girl must already have a hard enough time making trusting friendships but this proves that our generation is sketchy and willing to throw others under the bus in attempt to get to the top quicker.

I understand she’s in the public eye but what do you want her to do? Sit inside her room and not try to live the normal life a student lives? She’s trying to be as normal as possible and it’s hard when she’s constantly being exploited.

Regardless, smoking a blunt/cigarette, refusing to take a picture with a stranger who harassed her, attending games and concerts, kissing someone and everything else she’s been criticized for in the last year, shouldn’t be a topic of discussion for others to see. Please don’t flood my feed with her life anymore, respect her privacy and let her live the life you once lived too.

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