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Cynthia is an accounting student who has a passion for both numbers and surprise! words. She tries to appear tough but is a low-key girly girl and hopeless romantic. Cynthia loves a good pun, so feel free to send your best her way!

4 Simple Steps To Loving Yourself And Your Body

Justin Bieber recently came out with a hit song Love Yourself,...

Why You Shouldn’t Spend Another Minute Looking For Mr. Right

Like many girls, I was raised on a steady balance of...

11 Drugstore Makeup Products That Will Become Your Holy Grail

Drugstores can be a little overwhelming to browse through. There are...

3 Telltale Signs You’re In The Wrong Major

Supposedly, you need to go to college with a concrete idea...

5 Hacks To Grow Your Makeup Obsession Without Going Broke

I can only speak for myself, but I’m pretty much obsessed...

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