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I love reading and writing. My dog is the best thing in my life. I am a coffee addict and a workaholic.

To My Niece, What I Always Want You To Remember

My niece is without a doubt the best part of my...

I Hope You Know That You Are Stronger Than Your Anxiety

My chest ached. My breathing was quick and heavy. “I can’t...

I’m Not Perfect But I Can Finally See The Beauty In Myself

Growing up, I got picked on constantly. My teeth were not...

Dear Dad: To The Person I Miss The Most Every Single Day

I’m sorry, I took you for granted and thought you would always...

Why Living Alone Was The Best Thing That Could’ve Happened To Me

After saving all my money for months and months it finally...

4 Life Lessons I Only Learned Because I Was Cheated On

Being cheated on sucks. It hurts. It makes you feel worthless...

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