I Don’t Remember 9/11, But as a New Yorker I Understand

Throughout my school years, I was always told about 9/11. I’m a New York native, and have lived on Long Island my entire life. So,  it’s a day that hits close to home. But, despite being from New York and learning about the day while in school, I have no memory of 9/11 besides what I was told about the day. 

I was three years old when the tragedy hit. I was home with my mom and we decided to go to the deli right around the corner for lunch. My mom said that the news came across the TV at the deli, and she called my dad who was at work telling him that a plane hit the first tower. Thinking that it was a small plane. 

As the day became worse, my parents kept an eye on the news, but kept me away from the news. I was directed to watch Blue’s Clues as they scrambled to get my brother home from school.

Little did I know the impact that this day would have on the world, and I  was sitting there watching Blue’s Clues. 

To me, 9/11 is a topic that is so taboo. I was alive during the time, and I know that it happened, but I have no recollection of the day. I was born during a time when we had the twin towers, but I never saw them in person and I don’t remember them being in the skyline. 

It’s bizarre to me.

So many people say that they remember exactly where they were the day this happened, and I don’t even remember the day.. What’s even weirder to me is the fact that there are people a year or two older than me, and they remember the day more than I do, some my age even remember the day. 

It’s  hard to try and relate to those who remember that day clearly, because I can’t provide the familiarity that people have of the day.

But I still can’t wrap my head around it. 

The  more I learn about it, the less I understand, and it’s sad because I have to accept the fact that I never truly got to live in a world where 9/11 didn’t exist, despite being three years old when it happened.

So on this day, I provide sympathy and a listening ear to anyone who might need it. Although I have no clear memory of the day, I understand the impact that this tragedy had not only on those in New York, but as an entire nation.  I try to be kinder, more accepting, and most of all willing to learn about the topic so I can help understand the day more 

Our world has never been the same, and it’s something that we carry with us every day. But together, we’ve learned that we can get through whatever it is. 

Featured image via Julien Maculan on Unsplash



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