The 15 Most Hilarious News Headlines From 2023 So Far


Life is often too serious, and watching the news and reading headlines can be downright depressing. (To be honest, I often don’t watch or listen to the news anymore for that reason.) However, occasionally there are some really funny headlines one can’t help but laugh at. 

It’s nice when we can find humor in what is ordinarily a darker realm. Below are 15 of the funniest ones we’ve found from this year with a little blip behind their story. We’re sure there’s only more comedic gold to come as well. 

Here are a few from AP News’ Oddities Page

1. German court: naked landlord doesn’t justify lower rent

A German court said Wednesday that a landlord sunbathing naked in the courtyard of his building wasn’t a reason for his tenants to reduce their rental payments.”

2. Vampire straw gets passenger arrested at Boston airport

An airline passenger was arrested for carrying a self-defense weapon known as a vampire straw through security at Boston’s Logan International Airport, authorities said Tuesday.”

3. Vienna nudists oppose plans for cable car over their beach

Nudists in Austria are up in arms about plans for a cable car that would pass over a popular beach on the northern edge of Vienna where clothing is optional.”

4. Teacher’s pest: NYC hires former educator to slaughter rats

Mayor Eric Adams introduced a former elementary school teacher and anti-rat activist as his new “rat czar” on Wednesday. Officially, Kathleen Corradi, the mayor’s new hire, will be known as the director of rodent mitigation. Corradi is tasked with battling the potentially millions of rats lurking in myriad urban nooks and crannies, subway tunnels and empty lots.”

5. Spoon spotted: Arizona Dairy Queen’s big red spoon found

A giant red spoon that was stolen from an Arizona Dairy Queen and sparked a mystery on social media was found Monday morning, and it’s partly thanks to Pokémon GO.”

UPI had quite a few good ones, too:

6. More than 150 beverages delivered to woman’s home without explanation

“A Sydney, Australia, woman is trying to solve a mystery after hundreds of dollars’ worth of drinks, including Gatorade, Powerade, Coke and Fanta started showing up at her home.”

7. Need for fajita supplies leads to $250,000 lottery win

A North Carolina woman credited her desire for fajitas and her failure to buy a couple of key ingredients at the grocery store with her winning a $250,000 lottery prize.”

8. Contest in Belgium crowns new seagull screeching champion

“Squawking seabird enthusiasts gathered in a Belgian coastal town to put their vocal abilities to the test in the 2023 European Gull Screeching Championship.”

9. Overdue book returned to New Jersey library after 44 years

“A New Jersey library announced a book was recently returned anonymously after being checked out in July 1979”

10. Zoo seeking ‘seagull deterrents’ to wear giant bird costumes, scare seagulls

“The Blackpool Zoo said the new hires would be members of the Visitor Services team and their duties would include dressing as giant birds of prey to scare seagulls away from the zoo’s main dining areas.”

11. French cyclists create record-breaking GPS velociraptor

“A team of French cyclists broke the world record for largest GPS drawing when they created an image of a velociraptor measuring 636 miles.”

The last few are from Metro UK:

12. Red squirrel is not impressed after getting stuck in a manhole cover

“A spokesman for the local fire department said: ‘This turned out to be quite complicated as the squirrel was uncooperative.’ The squirrel reportedly tried to bite its rescuers, but was soon released from the manhole cover.”

13. Woman dressed cat up as a baby in attempt to smuggle drugs into resort

Snug inside the buggy was actually a cat wrapped in a baby’s jacket, MailOnline reports. Retrieving the pet, officers found several small packages containing more than 170g of powdered methylephedrine, a stimulant that can also be used in the manufacture of other narcotics.”

14. Woman thinks she’s found an owl in her frothy morning coffee

‘An owl comes to mind but I sort of see a seal too in my mug with espresso and steamed milk,’ Amber from Portland, Oregon, said.”

15. Confused headteacher denies rumour he’s put cat litter trays in school toilets

Parents can expect letters home from their child’s school on a regular basis, informing them about upcoming trips or non-uniform days. But one headteacher has had to write a letter to parents for a more bizarre purpose. Carl Howarth, the principal of Jersey College for Girls, has sent out a letter denying that the school has installed cat litter trays in its toilets.”

We hope some of these made you laugh as much as they made us. Did you come across any bizarre headlines this year? If so, let us know in the comments!

Feature Image by Roman Kraft on Unsplash


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