9 LGBTQ Musicians You Should Add To Your Playlist

Are you looking for new music to add to your playlist? There’s no need to look any further! Whether you’re in the LGBTQ community or an ally, you have to add these artists to your playlist (if you haven’t already!).


MUNA is what inspired me to write this piece as I was watching a Tiktok of Jo shredding the guitar. I’m pretty sure that clip added at least five more years to my sexuality if there was even an expiration date.

2. Kat and The Hurricane 

I’ve always been a fan of the local music scene in my town, and one group that has stood out to me has been Kat and The Hurricane. As they are an LGBTQ staple where I live, constantly playing at pride events, I felt obligated to showcase their music.

3. Niki Demar 

Niki Demar is a YouTuber that I’ve been following since I was in high school. Her aesthetically edgier fashion choices and her lifestyle content is drew me in. She has recently begun making original music too. And she identifies as bisexual.

4. Jessie Paege

Another YouTuber I’ve followed throughout the years is Jessie Paege. This artist makes lifestyle content about her sexuality and mental health. 

5. Hayley Kiyoko  

If you haven’t listened to at least one song by Hayley Kiyoko, you are either straight or uncultured. I couldn’t make this list without including the woman named Lesbian Jesus. 

6. Kehlani

Who could forget the iconic moment between Kehlani and Demi Lovato during Demi’s tour in 2018?

7. Dove Cameron

Dove Cameron, who made her debut on the Disney Channel show “Liv & Maddie,” went on record to say Liv and Maddie are Part of the LGBTQ+ Community.

8. Fletcher 

Fletcher is an LGBTQ singer who popped into my playlist after her performance with Miley Cyrus at Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party.

9. Girls In Red 

Before you dive deep into this artist, I should probably tell you that “Do you listen to Girls in Red?” is code for “Are you into women?”

Music is an art form that allows many musicians to express themselves fully! To see this many artists in 2023 open and proud about their sexuality is absolutely captivating! It shows the growth in our industry and humanity. I truly wish music was always this inclusive, as a 14-year-old me would have loved to dance to this type of music in her bedroom!

Featured image via “Dove Cameron @ Moroccan Lounge 10/10/2021” by jus10h / CC BY 2.0


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