Need A New Murder Mystery? Don’t Swipe Right Is Coming Soon

Genre: Mystery | Thriller | Contemporary Fiction

Release Date: Expected 22nd June 2023

Publisher: Aria & Aries | Head of Zeus

Sometimes, dating can feel like murder. – Bbut for Gwen, that’s closer to the truth than she knows. She joined a dating app to try toand move on from a devastating breakup, but every single man she meets just seems to be more and more badget worse until she thinks they couldn’t possibly get worse.

And then – one dies. And another one. Someone seems hellbent on killing everyone she’s dated recently, but she has no idea why … or who. But whoever they are, they want her to notice.

So now, it’s a race to track down every terrible date before it’s too late. Before they find all of them. Before they find her.

“And now here I was, on the brink of unravelling in an empty corridor, weeping for men I’d barely known, temporary acquaintances, fodder for anecdotes at best. But my life would be intertwined with theirs –- forever.”

This is a bitingly funny and entertaining thriller; a contemporary murder-mystery set in the modern world of online dating and connected worlds.

From the very first moment, Gwen is undeniably compelling. She bares her soul to the reader, creating athe tone forof this story setwhich is firmly in the grey. – This book makes us ask: Wwhat really makes someone the villain? Are there bad people or just bad actions? And can we trust anyone in this book? 

She’s witty, sarcastic, and doesn’t take crap from anyone. – h Her observations on dating and modern life were razor- sharp and utterly hilarious. She isn’t a saint herself, but the way she faces her bad choices is so very real and full of heart.

This is like thriller-lite –- part police procedural, part murder mystery, and part total chaos. 

Gwen finds herself in increasingly ridiculous situations, bodies following her, cryptic messages turning up, and incompetent police officers taking over her life when all she wants is a break. The pace starts strong and doesn’t let up, the momentum steaming full speed ahead even with Gwen’s tangents and trains of thought. The story engrossesd us with potential leads and suspects, – leading us to a totally explosive ending that left me reeling.

Electrifying, entertaining, and just the right amount of absurd, – you should definitely swipe right on this book is definitely one to swipe right on.

*Originally published at – please note this review is based on a UK advanced reviewers copy.*

Photo by Nina Hill


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