The 5 Best Apps For Brain Health

brain health apps

Most of us spend an obscene amount of time on our phones. Whether we’re scrolling through TikTok or Instagram, messaging our friends, or keeping up with the news, there’s barely a moment when we don’t have our phones in the palms of our hands.

According to an app monitoring company App Annie, people spend about 4.8 hours on their phones each day. Of course, some people spend more than others, but there’s no doubt this number is quite impressive.

With all this time spent on smartphones, many consider them destructive to our health. For example, the blue light our phones emit can disturb our sleep patterns and worsen our eyesight. And spending excessive amounts of time online can lead to cognitive decline and decreased brain health. Simply put, phones can make us dumb when we use them incorrectly and too frequently.

So, if your favorite way of spending free time is mindlessly scrolling through Facebook or other platforms, you may want to try different apps.

Here are five apps that both provide fun and keep your brain engaged.

1. Elevate 

Elevate is a fantastic app for those trying to relax and unwind while keeping their brains entertained. It has five activity categories: Writing, Speaking, Reading, Math, and Memory. Within these, you can find great exercises that help you stimulate your brain and learn new skills.

The activities themselves are not only didactic but also quite entertaining. For example, you can match bubbles to find various antonyms, find mistakes in a written paragraph, or match pictures to less commonly used words.

Overall, it’s definitely a game worth trying.

2. Sudoku 

Most of us have already played the traditional sudoku – a logic-based puzzle great for brain health. But only a few people carry paper and pen with them everywhere they go. But most of us have phones at all times. So, why not give sudoku a go?

The sudoku game for your phone is the same as the one you play on paper. The only difference is you can do it on the go and realize whether you’ve made a mistake much sooner.

So, in this sense, it can be easier while still entertaining!

3. Puzzlescapes

Puzzlescapes is a game in which you have to create several words from certain letters given to you. It resembles the board game Scrabble, but this one can be played by a single player.

This game has many variations, depending on your interests and operating system. For example, people with iPhones might find that the App Store offers them a similar game but with a different name than people with Android phones.

Regardless of which type you choose, you will definitely boost your thinking skills and broaden your vocabulary.

4. Trivia Crack

Everyone who enjoys general knowledge and trivia has heard of this app. Trivia Crack is an excellent game for learning new facts, improving your knowledge, and entertaining yourself.

The various categories, ranging from history to entertainment, can keep everyone enthralled while providing education on different topics.

Plus, you can play with friends, alone, or with someone across the world. So, there’s no excuse not to try it.

5. Crosswords 

Crosswords are a very common choice for people who want something brain-engaging but also enjoyable. So, it’s not surprising that many apps offer this logic game for your phones.

No matter what type of crossword you’re looking for, there’s something for you. For example, you can choose specifically themed crosswords, general knowledge ones, or something completely different.

Also, you can learn a lot of new facts! This is exactly what makes this game entertaining and educational.

Using our phones doesn’t have to be mind-numbing. Aside from the apps mentioned above, there are plenty more you can try that stimulate your brain in those small moments when you’re taking a break from liking pictures on Instagram or looking up relatives on Facebook. So, it’s a great idea to give them a go!

Do you have your favorite app that’s good for brain health? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image via Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels


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