Pop Culture Trivia: Take This Quiz To Test Your Celebrity Knowledge

We all miss the Jeopardy and Bingo games from grade school. The good news is that we can still play them, especially on days like National Trivia Day. This special day was first celebrated in 1980. If you’ve ever competed on a trivia show or competition, now is your time to shine. In order to celebrate National Trivia Day, we’ve curated 21 quiz questions (2021 much?) for the Pop Culture nerd. 

Are you ready to begin? Let’s Go

1) Which of these middle names is not one of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters’ middle names? 

a) Noel
b) Mary
c) Alexandra
d) Christina

Answer: d) Christina 

Noel is Kim’s middle name, Mary is Kourtney’s middle name, and Alexandra is Khloe’s middle name. 

2) Which of these languages can Natalie Portman not speak? 

a) Hebrew
b) Japanese
c) French
d) Italian

Answer: d) Italian

Portman’s native language is Hebrew, but she can also converse in French, Japanese, German, and Spanish. 

3) Which one of these songs were not performed or produced by the now-disbanded K-pop band Girls’ Generation? 

a) Gee
b) I got a boy
c) Nobody
d) Mr. Mr.

Answer: c) Nobody 

That song is produced by Wonder Girls

4) Which of these celebrities have yet to release a makeup brand? 

a) Jessica Alba
b) Lady Gaga
c) Ariana Grande
d) Drew Barrymore 

Answer: c) Ariana Grande 

Grande has only released a perfume collaboration. Although she did become MAC Cosmetics’ Viva Glam spokeswoman, she never released her own makeup brand with her own name. 

5) Which high school did The Weeknd go to? 

a) West Hill Collegiate Institute
b) Forest Hill Collegiate Institute
c) Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School
d) None of the above

Answer: a) West Hill Collegiate Institute 

The Weeknd went to West Hill Collegiate Institute and then transferred to Birchmount Park Collegiate Institute before dropping out. 

6) Which of these celebrities are immigrants along with their parents? 

a) Billie Eilish
b) Rita Ora
c) Demi Lovato
d) Ariana Grande

Answer: b) Rita Ora 

Rita Ora was born in Yugoslavia, now known as modern-day Kosovo, to Albanian parents before immigrating to London in 1991. 

7) Which actors/actresses have participated in a movie that won the most Oscars

a) Kate Winslet
b) Nicole Kidman
c) Jennifer Aniston
d) Jennifer Lawrence

Answer: a) Kate Winslet

Note the wording of the question: in a movie that won the most Oscars. Kate Winslet was in The Titanic (1997).

8) When did Walt Disney release his first full-length animation film? 

a) 1935
b) 1937
c) 1940
d) 1941

Answer: b) 1937

1937 is when Walt Disney released his first animated film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

9) What was the first single that Taylor Swift released? 

a) Teardrops on my Guitar
b) Picture to Burn
c) Tim McGraw
d) Our Song 

Answer: c) Tim McGraw 

Tim McGraw was the first single that Swift released, and it landed in the Top 10 country charts. 

10) Which artist has not yet collaborated with Kanye West? 

a) Katy Perry
b) Lupe Fiasco
c) Cardi B
d) Eminem

Answer: c) Cardi B

The WAP superstar has not collaborated with Kanye West as of yet. Eminem has rapped on Kanye West’s Dr Dre Remix of Use This Gospel

11) Which of these celebrities love the colour Pink? 

a) Beyonce
b) Nicki Minaj
c) Kylie Jenner
d) All of the above.

Answer: d) All of the above

They all like the colour pink. 

12) Which celebrity’s father is a former MMA fighter? 

a) Justin Bieber 

b) Selena Gomez 

c) Shawn Mendes
d) None of the above

Answer: a) Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s father is a former MMA fighter. 

13) Which of the following K-Pop band(s) have/has performed at Coachella? 

a) Epik High
b) Everglow
c) Red Velvet
d) BTS 

Answer: a) Epik High

Believe it or not, BTS has never performed in Coachella. 

14) Which of the following is the band with the largest amount of members listed below? 

a) The Waterboys
b) Cradle of Filth
c) The Cult
d) AKB48

Answer: d) AKB48

They currently have 148 members in different teams. 

15) Which of the following actors/actresses have trained in acrobatics? 

a) Gal Gadot
b) Jennifer Lawrence
c) Margot Robbie
d) None of the above

Answer: c) Margot Robbie 

She was a trapeze artist before becoming an actress. 

16) Which of the following celebrities has/have worked at Deloitte? 

a) Simu Liu
b) Crystal McKellar
c) Peter Ostrum
d) All of the above

Answer: a) Simu Liu 

Lui has worked at Deloitte in Toronto before becoming a Marvel Superhero. 

17) Which of the following singers have won a Latin Grammy award in 2019? 

a) Camila Cabello
b) Jennifer Lopez
c) Shakira
d) Luis Fonsi

Answer: a) Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello won “Record of The Year” in 2019 along with Alejandra Sanz for the song Mi Persona Favorita. 

18) Which celebrity’s child has created a fashion brand? 

a) Matt Damon
b) Gordon Ramsay
c) Paul McCartney
d) Kelly Clarkson 

Answer: c) Paul McCartney

McCartney’s daughter Stella McCartney has her own clothing brand

19) What Pixar film did Ellen DeGeneres participate in? 

a) Toy Story

b) Cars
c) Finding Nemo
d) Up

Answer: c) 

Believe it or not, Ellen voiced Dory in Finding Nemo

20) Which of the following actors/actresses started their own production companies? 

a) Salma Hayek
b) Sandra Bullock
c) Eva Longoria
d) All of the above

Answer: d) All of the above 

These actresses all started their own production companies

21) Which of the movies below had their own spoken, custom-made language? 

a) A Clockwork Orange 

b) The Arrival 

c) Bao
d) The Spy Next Door

Answer: a) A Clockwork Orange

The language spoken is Nadsat, which is an artificial language mixing both Russian and English. 

Check Your Score!

If you score between 80-100%: Wow! You’re a pop culture whiz! You for sure can never be tricked and know your stuff.

If you score between 70-79%: You still know a lot of your stuff. Why not make your own quiz to impress your friends?

If you score between 60-69%: You still got most of the questions right and don’t worry, some of them may be tricky. But keep on trying and keep going. 

If you score between 50-59%: You borderline passed. You perhaps need to keep up with more news for a better score.

If you score less than 49%: Trivias are hard but keep on trying. Read up on more stuff and continue to see your progress. After all, not everyone fully knows about every pop-culture related event. But “who says that you don’t have star potential?” 

Congratulations on completing the Trivia quiz. If you got over 90%, you’re the Pop Culture Queen or King. But regardless of the score, we hope you learned something new and fascinating about media and celebrities. The entertainment world is always changing, and keeping up with current events isn’t easy. 

With that being said, what quiz would you make on National Trivia Day? Let us know in the comments below.

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