10 Best Lines From Every “This Is Why” Song By Paramore

Paramore is back with the amazing album “This Is Why.” So, as a Paramore fan, I’ve had to listen to every song on repeat. The songs off their latest album have lyrics that give you a lot of food for thought, are relatable, or something else entirely. Here are the best lines from every song on this new Paramore album:

1. “If you have an opinion, maybe you should shove it.” — This is Why

We’ve all wanted to say this to someone at least once. Maybe we’ve even been that person who shared an opinion unprompted. It’s important to realize that not every thought that passes through our minds should be said out loud, especially the judgmental ones.

2. “All along, we called it normal.” — The News

From school shootings to police brutality to hate crimes, there are hundreds of atrocities that the news loves to highlight. And it’s making us desensitized to truly horrifying actions, not to mention wrecking our mental health. As the chorus says, it’s past time we turn off the news. 

3. “Intentions only get you so far.” — Running Out of Time 

Intentions count for a lot, but so do actions. We often forget that our time is limited and make promises we can’t keep. It’s hard to remember, though. We’re always running out of time, indeed.

4. “It’s my dependence on the friction that really hinders my progression.” — C’est Comme Ça 

Let’s admit it: we all love drama. Even when we’re working on bettering ourselves, we still crave the tension that comes with drama. But at least it’s better to acknowledge it so we can work on it than to ignore it completely.

5. “Your subscription to redemption has been renewed.” — Big Man, Little Dignity

Clever wording aside, this is a fun way to tell someone they’re screwing up, a lot, despite claiming that they’re doing better. And even in its humor, it’s nice to remember that redemption and reconciliation are not linear and that you can and will need to start over sometimes. 

6. “I’m both the killer and the final girl.” — You First

As far as revenge songs go, this one is unique in acknowledging that bad karma affects everyone. The lines “everyone’s a bad guy” and “karma’s gonna come for us all” allude to that, but the line mentioned above  particularly shows that you can’t always put people in the perpetrator or victim category. People can be both in different situations. 

7. “I was only being kind, but you mistook me for weak.” — Figure 8

We need softness in the world. But too often, people see that as a weakness. It’s easy to become hardened which is why being kind shows amazing strength. But you can’t let people take advantage of it. You have to straddle the line between assertiveness and kindness. 

8. “Love is not an easy thing to admit, but I’m not ashamed of it.” — Liar

Love opens you up to all sorts of vulnerabilities, but it’s worth it in the end. Despite the trials of romance and relationships as a whole, love is what connects us all, and it’s worth fighting for in the end. 

9. “I romanticize even the worst of times.” — Crave

This line perfectly sums up the feeling of the “good old days.” Looking at the past through the eyes of nostalgia makes things less clear than they were. Recognizing that we don’t have a clear view of the past all the time is important. Memory isn’t perfect and can easily be skewed based on emotions. 

10. “I am a magnet for broken pieces.” — Thick Skull

I’m sure we’ve all felt this way sometimes. We improve and do our best, but life is still fragile. At times, we’re bound to fall apart and see others fall apart around us. It can feel personal, but it’s not. It is a part of life, for better or worse. 

Despite Paramore’s changes over the years, from changing band members to new musical sounds to the hiatus, they always strive to make meaningful music, and I love that about them. Their albums resonate with so many people, and “This is Why” is no exception. I have always been proud to call myself a Paramore fan, and their new album has only reignited my love for their music and what they stand for.

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