8 Movies To Watch In Honor Of World Contact Day

If you catch up with alien investigations and sightings, you know that today – March 15 – is World Contact Day. 

We sometimes wonder what it’s like to interact with aliens or other extraterrestrial (ET) life. That’s why in 1953, the International Flying Saucer Bureau (IFSB) established World Contact Day. It was a way to communicate with life outside of Earth through telepathy. 

The first message was “Calling occupants of interplanetary craft!” Although the statement may sound confusing at first, the main goal was to promise friendship with other ET life. But no one so far responded to the message. 

Nonetheless, if you’re a fan of sci-fi, aliens, and other ufology-related stuff, today is your chance to celebrate. Here are eight movies or shows you can watch on March 15: 

1. Contact (1997) 

This movie summarizes World Contact Day in less than three hours. It’s based on a science fiction novel with the same title by Carl Sagan. Sure, it may sound dry for now, but if you like to see how science, politics, and religious beliefs work together, along with a hint of romance, now’s your time. 

2. Arrival (2016) 

Are you a polyglot, linguist, or an all-around language fanatic? If so, perhaps watching Arrival may be a great way to unwind for the day. In the movie, a linguist tries to communicate with aliens by decoding their language. Moreover, the linguist communicates in other languages with fellow humans around her. Spoiler: You’ll definitely hear some Mandarin. 

3. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) 

For space exploration fans, now is your chance to discover what will happen when sending a spacecraft to Jupiter. The movie does a great job explaining how technology has developed with great visuals and music. Perhaps this movie was Elon Musk’s inspiration for SpaceX. 

4. Men In Black (1997) 

There are three Men In Black movies. But it’s always good to start with the first. If you like action-packed investigation movies, Men In Black is the answer. Combined with good acting and chasing aliens disguised as humans, you won’t be bored while watching this film. It’s also family-friendly, so you can watch with your kids or younger siblings. 

5. War of the Worlds (2005)

Ever wonder what happens if creatures from other planets try to take over Earth? War of the Worlds predicts the results of the invasion. The film ventures into the darker side of extraterrestrial life and stresses the importance of family relationships to get through hardships. If you want some suspense along with out-of-this-world special effects, this may be the movie to watch. There is some violent content and profane language. So viewer discretion is advised. 

6. Solar Opposites (2020)

Are you looking for a cartoon show to binge? Go on Disney Plus and watch Solar Opposites. A group of aliens decide to move to Earth instead of invading the planet. They try to fit in with the humans, but they don’t quite understand the lifestyle and laugh it off with a few jokes. Rick and Morty fans, you folks will have a fave new show. 

7. Lilo and Stitch (2002) 

We all need a homely Disney movie from time to time. In Lilo and Stitch, an alien becomes friends with a human. They both develop a close companionship despite the legalities and politics occuring behind-the-scenes. Who knows what will happen? But aliens and humans can definitely become friends. 

8. Monsters vs. Aliens (2009)

What happens when two creatures go against each other? When a human accidentally turns into a monster, a group of aliens invade the planet. There are times when the humans try to contact the aliens, but just like today’s mission, the humans were unsuccessful. But somehow, they discover a solution. 

Other than reading up on UFOs, feel free to binge on some of the films and shows on this list for World Contact Day. You’ll perhaps learn more about how others interact with extraterrestrial life. And who knows – maybe you’ll run into an alien someday.

Photo by Albert Antony on Unsplash 


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