How To Put Together A Flawless Outfit In 6 Steps

Woman Flawless Outfit

Did you ever wonder how fashion insiders decide how to get dressed in the morning or before a big event? Putting together a fantastic outfit doesn’t require a considerable budget or a ton of designer clothes, but what does help is a little creativity and willingness to experiment. Whether you are dressing up for a big night out or simply looking to switch up your daily style, read on for the best tips on putting together a flawless outfit!

1. Incorporate Different Textures

Using contrasting textures is one way stylists and fashion insiders add that instant wow factor. How do you recreate this effect with pieces from your closet? One of the easiest ways to start playing with texture is to combine something soft and feminine with something edgier. Think cozy knit apparel paired with frayed jeans or a silky, lace-trimmed top worn with a leather skirt. The contrasts create visual interest and dimension. 

2. Combine Colors Creatively

Another way to achieve that unexpectedly perfect outfit is to think about color. It-girls love a monochromatic look—but that doesn’t have to mean boring. You can certainly choose to don an all-black monochrome outfit and look perfectly chic, but you might also think about more unconventional colors to wear head to toe. Pastels, nudes, and jewel tones are all options to consider, and you don’t have to match perfectly—think about finding looks in the same color family. Quality matters here, so shop women’s boutique clothing online to find pieces with a well-made look and feel. The result will be luxe and shine with the right accessories. 

3. Add the Right Jewelry 

Well-chosen jewelry will take many outfits from standard to stunning, so it’s always a good idea to think about how you can add a little sparkle to your ensemble. A solid jewelry wardrobe with a few staple pieces will make adding the right finishing touch every day easy.  If you’re rocking something on the simpler side, show some personality with layered necklaces or a statement cuff bracelet. If your outfit has a lot of adornments in the form of beading, ruffles, or big patterns, keep things simple and polished with a pair of huggie earrings or diamond studs and perhaps a simple choker necklace. 

4. Consider Proportions

A beautiful outfit considers the play between color and texture and the balance of proportions. Elements like bell sleeves, ruffles, puff sleeves, and tulle skirts all require you to carefully calibrate the rest of the choices you make in your look. New to playing with texture? Pair slim-fitting pants and a tight shirt with a flowy cardigan or long blazer to play with shape and proportion or wear paper-bag waist pants with a fitted crop top turtleneck to put a sultry twist on things. Shop contemporary casual clothing in silhouettes of all shapes, from the more form-fitting to looser, more voluminous, and flowing styles, and play with layering to see what works for your body type. 

5. Wear Both Trends and Classics

Being stylish and putting together a great look isn’t about wearing all the latest trends—but you also don’t want to play it safe all the time. Find a way to strike a balance between experimenting with new styles and incorporating more timeless pieces. Most of the time, your outfit will feel more fresh and more flawless if you avoid head-to-toe trends, but sprinkling in a few trends at a time will also help make your ensemble feel current. 

How does this look in practice? Think about wearing a pair of on-trend flared jeans with a simple fitted top or rocking a trendy crop top with a simple silk skirt so that you don’t look like you’re simply a victim of the fashion world’s every whim. When you balance cutting-edge garments with classic pieces, you’ll end up with a stylish mix that shows you pay attention to what’s happening on the runways but can create your look.

6. Pay Attention to the Details

Fashion insiders know that all great outfits come down to the details, so don’t forget to sweat the small stuff. Choices like patterned tights, a brightly-colored scarf, or a chic waist-cinching belt are going to be the things that take a look from good to great. Once you have established your foundation with your choice of garments, find one way to add something extra to your look. And don’t hold back on showing a little personality, whether incorporating some vintage items you love, a piece of heirloom jewelry, or a revamped sample sale coat. Your clothes should tell a story about who you are and what you’re into!

Photo by Godisable Jacob on Pexels


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