The Best Things On Dunkin’s 2023 Winter Menu

Calling all my Dunkin’ people! Dunkin’ has released their January/ February menu, and it’s so good. While I am disappointed that they did away with the amazing cookie butter cold brew, I have to admit that this winter menu looks pretty promising. 

Whether you’re in the mood for something sweet, spicy, savory, or a mix of the three, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you’ll find something you’ll love. Keep reading to find out what’s on the menu for the upcoming month!

1. Bacon Avocado Tomato Sandwich

Avocado toast lovers, where are you? This sandwich is the perfect upgrade to a breakfast classic. Dunkin’ is taking their beloved avocado toast, and adding bacon and tomato to it. In my opinion, bacon makes everything better, and that includes this staple item! With the right amount of crunch, this sandwich will satisfy your hunger!

2. Stuffed Biscuit Bites

They have egg bites and bagel bites. What else could they add? I don’t know, maybe biscuit bites?! This new snack is basically a combination of the two classic items on the menu. Bacon, scrambled eggs, and cheddar cheese all wrapped in a warm biscuit. What’s not to love?! This item will bring you all the cozy vibes you want for the winter season

3. Brown Butter Toffee Latte

Nothing says “cozy” like a warm toffee coffee. This sweet swirl will be the perfect addition to your regular cup of joe, or in this case, a latte. It can be made either hot or iced.

4. Brownie Batter Signature Latte

I just want to start off by saying I am so excited for this drink! This drink comes with brownie batter swirl and is topped with whipped cream, red and pink sprinkles, and mocha drizzle. It is the perfect drink for any chocolate lover in your life! Brownie batter swirl is also available as a new swirl for the winter/Valentine’s  season. 

Returning Items

Of course it wouldn’t be the winter season for 2023 without some OG classics returning to the menu. Check them out here:

1. Brownie Batter Donut

A classic I look forward to every year is officially back! Try a heart-shaped brownie batter donut that comes with chocolate icing. It’s topped with pink, red and white sprinkles, and filled with a brownie batter filling (it’s not actually brownie batter, but it sure does taste like it!). Be sure to head to your nearest dunkin ASAP because this tasty treat will be off the shelves quickly.

2. Cupid’s Choice Donut

Another heart-shaped donut, but this time with bavarian cream filling. It is topped with pink icing and pink, red, and white sprinkles. Another classic!

3. Sweet Black Pepper Bacon Breakfast Sandwich (and snackin’ bacon)

Dunkin’ is welcoming back its infamous sweet black pepper bacon breakfast sandwich. Switch up your classic BEC with some bacon with a kick! I know this is a menu item I’ve missed for a bit!

Not into egg sandwiches, or just want some bacon? You can also get some of the sweet pepper bacon on the side as a treat. Yum!


And last, but certainly not least, Dunkin’ has a great promotion for winter 2023. It’s called “Dunkin’ Run,” where you can get any donut for $1 with the purchase of any hot or iced coffee (some exclusions apply). I don’t know about you, but a donut for $1 when you buy a coffee sounds like a win-win to me! 

Now that you know all about the amazing deals Dunkin’ has this winter season, what’s stopping you from getting your favorite treat as a pick-me-up for the day? Enjoy and keep warm!

What item are you looking forward to the most?  Let us know in the comments below! 

Featured photo via pexels


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