Why An Avocado Is The Most Versatile Ingredient To Cook With

avocado day

For the longest time, I could not wrap my head (or tastebuds) around avocados. To me, its appearance was suspicious, and I’ve also always been a picky eater. Similarly, the same goes for some of the more healthier food ingredients. 

Nevertheless, most of my peers had been ranting and raving about avocados for years, but I was always too hesitant to try it. While I know that the avocado contains the good kind of fat, I never knew how pleasing it could be.

However, I can tell you that my outlook on the avocado changed drastically the first time I tried guacamole. There is this great Mexican restaurant in my area called Rocco’s Tacos where they make the guacamole right in front of you.


Now, we all know that avocado is synonymous with guacamole. But I’ve also found that the second most common use for avocado is on overpriced toast at brunch.

While I don’t agree with that one Australian dude who said that millennials can’t afford houses because of our love of avocado toast, I do think that it would be cheaper to make these tasty treats at home instead. 

Moreover, avocado has become such a versatile ingredient that can be used in virtually anything. For instance, I’ve seen them being used as a main ingredient in the trendy buddha bowls, as seen below:


For all of you meat eaters out there, it’s summertime and you’re outside grilling away. What could be better than topping your burger with some fresh avocado slices layered on top of some hearty bacon?

The avocado has become a great substitute for items that may not necessarily be the healthiest options for us. One fascinating substitute is swapping the cheese for avocado. So, instead of having a Caprese salad, you’re having a tomato & avocado salad.


Furthermore, avocado can be used not just as slices or chopped pieces in your food. It can also be mashed & creamed to make a wonderful component, such as this beautiful green goddess pesto dressing.


If you are really looking for an out of the box use for avocado, you can try this avocado and lime pie (please, if you try this, let me know how it tastes!)

Additionally, the best part about the uniqueness of the avocado is that the whole avocado can be used. For example, this Caprese stuffed avocado makes use of the shell of the avocado, as well as the giant hole left from the core. Talk about an easy and efficient meal!

Similarly, the avocado can even turn a sweet treat into a healthy option. I’m inclined to think that it tastes good, but avocado in ice cream is definitely a choice. One Instagram user is raving about chocolate avocado mousse ice cream bars.


Whatever your preference for avocados is, make sure to enjoy one this National Avocado Day. Let me know in the comments what your favorite use of the avocado is!

Feature image via Valeria Boltneva on Pexels


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