6 Ways To Afford Your Favorite Beauty Splurges


If you love beauty products, you probably know that their costs can add up quickly. Makeup, cleansing products, and hair products are expensive! Luckily, there are almost as many ways to pay for your beauty expenses as there are beauty products in your collection. Here are six creative ways to cover your beauty expenses:

1. Ask your insurance provider to cover cosmetic procedures.

Most people don’t think of asking their insurance companies to cover cosmetic procedures, but that can be an expensive mistake. Some providers will cover procedures if their result will improve your overall health or quality of life. 

Many insurance companies use Insurtech to help them determine if a procedure will be covered. To get started with the approval process, all it takes is a quick phone call. Just be sure that you get the pre-approval in writing before you have a doctor perform any cosmetic work. This will be helpful if you have problems with a claim down the road. 

2. Make a “beauty budget.”

If you can’t afford the latest beauty trend, set aside a portion of each paycheck for beauty expenses. When you make your “beauty budget,” remember to factor in all of your current expenses — like rent, bills, groceries, and entertainment. Over time, those little bits of money will add up, and you’ll be able to buy all of your favorite products — whether they’re small treats or major splurges.

3. Make the most of credit card programs. 

While some people swear that avoiding credit cards increases their financial stability, using your credit card wisely can really work in your favor. When you put money onto a credit card, you essentially borrow from the bank interest-free — as long as you pay your credit card balance in full each month. 

It’s also a good idea to look into rewards programs and special cardholder savings programs available with an American Express credit card. The perks from these programs can add up if you use your card carefully. 

4. Split larger purchases with friends.

If you’re eyeing a large beauty purchase, like a salon-quality curling iron  or an at-home laser hair removal tool, consider splitting the purchase with some of your fellow beauty-lovers. Your friends might be completely open to sharing the purchase — especially if it’s a hot trend they want to get in on too!

5. Ask for beauty essentials as birthday and holiday gifts.

Want beauty items but don’t have the cash to pay for them? Ask your friends or family for your favorite beauty products this holiday season or for your birthday. With the holidays coming up for so many people, plenty of loved ones will ask around for gift ideas for you. While it may seem tacky to ask for beauty items, the people who care about you probably want to buy you presents that you’ll love. Who knows — you just might end up with a new eyeshadow palette or lipstick to enjoy!

6. Search for discounts for your favorite brands.

Be on the lookout for coupons, weekly sales, and specials at local beauty supply shops and bigger name-brand stores so that you can stretch those dollars! You may need to put in some work to find the best deals, but your effort will pay off. If you end up getting a beauty treatment or new product at a discount, you’ll have more cash to spend on essentials — or to save for more beauty products later.

Beauty expenses can add up quickly, but they don’t have to leave a dent in your wallet. Pooling funds with friends, saving up on your own, and using discounts can always help you look flawless without destroying your budget. So what are you waiting for? Time to go shopping!

Featured Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.


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