It’s National Ugly Sweater Day, So Cozy Up With Your Tackiest Sweater

National Ugly Sweater Day is officially here!

The wacky holiday falls on the third Friday of December each year, and it’s definitely worth celebrating. All you need to commemorate this special day is an over-the-top eyesore of a sweater.

Nowadays, you can buy an ugly Christmas sweater at almost any store, including second-hand stores. Or you can get creative and make your own or even pull out the sweater that your grandma gifted you a couple of years back. And if you’re creative, you can also make your own ugly sweater!

How do you find the perfect ugly sweater?

Look for bold, clashing colors and bedazzled sweaters with sequins and embroidery. Cartoon characters or animals, like reindeer, snowmen, or kittens, always take an ugly Christmas sweater to the next level. And if you can find a sweater with 3-D details, like bells, bows, lights, or pom-poms, you’ll definitely sleigh Ugly Sweater Day! Basically, the tackier your sweater is, the better. Make it so ugly that it’s cute.

You can wear your ugly sweater to work, to school, or even just to the store, but if you want to be a little extra this holiday season, throw an ugly sweater party! Ask your friends to arrive in their “holiday ugliest,” and hold an ugly sweater contest to see who has perfected the art of rocking ugly sweaters.

Even though we mostly wear them around the holidays, ugly Christmas sweaters don’t have to be seasonal.

They’re so comfy and cozy that you can wear them any day you feel like choosing comfort over style. Ugly sweaters are warm enough to rock all winter long if you’re bold enough to wear them in January or February. You can also bring them out of storage on June 25th to celebrate the second-most wonderful day of the year: half-Christmas. And because some nonprofits, like Make-A-Wish and Save The Children have ugly Christmas sweater fundraising events, you can wear them during fundraising periods to give to charitable causes. 

Whether you wear your ugly Christmas sweater to class, to the holiday work party, or the mall, celebrating National Ugly Sweater Day is sure to brighten your day. So cozy up in an ugly sweater and celebrate the most charmingly tacky day of the year!

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