4 Easy Self-Care Tips To Help You Prepare For Your Wedding Day

Once you’ve gotten engaged, the official countdown to your wedding begins. Whether you’re getting married in a few months or next year, it is important to think about how to best prepare for your nuptials. While you may want to dive into picking a venue, hiring vendors, and creating your guest list, there are actually a few self-care tasks that might slip under your radar. Consider these tips and learn more about how to best prep your body and mind for your big day. 

Establish a Consistent Sleep Schedule

Sleep is incredibly important to how you feel each day. Unfortunately, many engaged couples forego sleep in order to tackle the endless responsibilities related to their weddings. If you work long hours, you may feel like you need to stay up all night in order to write invitations or stuff bags with favors. Since sleep has a direct impact on your immune system, foregoing proper rest for other tasks is an easy way to make yourself feel terrible. Not only are you more likely to get sick, but you will also be more irritable and less focused. 

To establish a consistent sleep schedule, you must set strict times for when you will go to bed and wake up each day. Try to limit your time on your phone while in bed, as studies suggest that the blue light from digital devices makes achieving sleep difficult. Instead, read a few pages from a book or magazine and see how easy it is to drift off. 

Put an Emphasis on Fitness

Countless pictures will be taken of you on your big day. Since you want to look your best for these photos, it is important to start a fitness routine as early as possible. If you’re looking to shed a few pounds, consider joining a gym or enrolling in a wedding boot camp program with your partner. Some couples also find it helpful to commit to daily exercise at home, especially when going to the gym doesn’t fit with a busy schedule. 

In addition to working out, you may find it helpful to take a look at your options with supplements. Everyone will have different fitness goals when prepping for their weddings. This means you should cater the supplements you take to your objectives. If you’re looking to increase lean muscles and improve your post-workout recovery period, a simple glycogen supplement can be an ideal fit. Similarly, someone who is deficient in a nutrient like magnesium will benefit from a supplement that aims to fill this nutritional gap. 

Think About Your Accessories

Though the idea of “saying yes to the dress” might seem like the most pressing task related to your wedding attire, you also need to think about your accessories. Specifically, you must consider what you are going to do with your engagement rings after tying the knot. Some people prefer to wear them even after donning their wedding bands, while others want to keep them stored in a safe place. A decorative ring container can actually make for a perfect wedding present for your partner, so explore different options to find something appealing. 

Drink Lots of Water

Do you want glowing skin on your wedding day? While there’s no simple way to accomplish this, drinking lots of water is the best way to encourage a beautiful complexion. Being hydrated helps to clear impurities from your body and your skin, which reduces the odds of surprise breakouts and signs of dryness. Beyond this, drinking eight glasses of water each day is said to energize the muscles and reduce the odds of bad moods.

While planning a wedding is far from an easy task, you can make the job more manageable by properly caring for yourself in the months leading up to the big day. The more you tend to basic needs like exercising, drinking water, and sleeping, the easier it is to feel your best for your nuptials.

Photo by Los Muertos Crew via Pexels


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