5 Shoes You Need to Complete Your Perfect Summer Look


Summer is  the perfect time of year to show off a cute pair of shoes. There are so many great summer shoes out there that picking what to wear can feel overwhelming, but here are some of the hottest shoes this summer: 

1. Ballet Flats

If you like adding a feminine touch to any outfit, get a pair of ballet flats. There are plenty of pretty ballerina flats that are both stylish and comfortable. One of the best places you can buy ballet flats for women is Dream Pairs, a women-focused footwear brand. A high-quality, stylish, ballet flat will take you a long way. 

2. Strappy Sandals 

One of the best types of shoes to wear on a hot summer day is sandals. They are stylish and equally comfy. Try sandals with flowers, ruching, or braiding to spice up your summer outfits. Sandals are perfect for showing off your personal style and your pedicure too!

3. Flip-Flops

Even if you don’t like the beach, you’ll love a pair of decorative flip-flop sandals. Flip-flops are great for the beach, but they’re also a cute addition to sundresses or summer party outfits. Flip-flops don’t have to be too casual either — try a pair with rhinestones or other fun details for a stylish summer statement!

4. Pumps

Pumps are perfect for almost any occasion — dates, business meetings, parties, and nights out. Try out some pumps with a “net-style” covering to give your feet a way to breathe and your outfit a standout touch. You can wear pumps 24/7 and still feel happy about your shoe choices because they’re just that perfect.

5. Toe Ring Sandals

Toe ring sandals with open backs are absolutely gorgeous. They provide plenty of support for your toes so they aren’t sliding in your shoes, and they go with plenty of summer outfits — from maxi skirts to summer dresses to shorts and crop tops. These shoes are easy to slip on if you’re in a hurry, and they’re perfect for outfits with large, floppy summer hats.

There are so many shoe options to choose from this summer, and they’re perfect for plenty of summer occasions. Choose your favorite shoe style to show off this summer, and you’re sure to make a statement with your look!

Featured Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash.


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