Gas Is Too Expensive: 7 Tips To Start Using Electric Scooters

Have you just started riding the most famous ride for a modern-day commuter, the electric scooter? You must consider a few things, such as safety and proper rider etiquette, before riding in public spaces. Here are the seven most important things to practice  to ensure safe and responsible riding. 

1. Know Your Ride

Become familiar with all the components and functions of your electric scooter before your first ride. Really get to know your controls. This includes the throttle, brake levers, eco/turbo modes, lights, and horn. Understanding exactly how your scooter works will make it that much easier to operate on the road. 

2. Know Local Laws To Scooter Ride And Abide 

Laws regarding electric scooters vary from place to place. Some cities allow scooters on public streets up to a certain speed. For instance, if you ride an adult scooter in Australia, you must know that e-scooters less than 200-watts can only go at a maximum speed of 10km/h, while others only allow you to ride on private roads. 

Find out what your region allows and behave responsibly. The better behaviour you practice, the more you can help make e-scooters mainstream. 

3. Always Wear Safety Gear

At all times and speeds, you should wear a helmet when riding an electric scooter. A motorcycle or full-face helmet is best if you’re travelling in poor conditions at speeds over 20 miles per hour. 

Also, wear closed-toed shoes, gloves, and protective eyewear if your helmet does not have a visor. Your ability to see and be seen by others is key. When travelling at night or in poor conditions, wear a reflective vest and rear blinking helmet light. And remember to use a powerful high-mounted headlight. 

4. Perform Safety Checks

Before each trip on your scooter, ask yourself these questions. What is the route like? Is my scooter charged? Do I have what I need? How are my tires and brakes? Am I dressed for safety and the weather? 

Performing a check every time you ride an electric scooter is a reliable way to ensure you’ll safely reach your destination. We suggest keeping a scooter go-bag. Some of the items could include a multi-tool, u-lock, and charger or slime and air pump for inner tube tires. 

5. Maintain Awareness At All Times While Riding

After riding for a few months, you might let your guard down. Awareness of your surroundings, others, and yourself is key to riding safely. Practice riding defensively to avoid getting hurt and hurting others around you. 

6. Practice Rider Etiquette

Start announcing yourself when passing, reducing your speed around pedestrians, and maintaining defensive riding tactics. Be courteous to motor vehicles and stop at all lights and stop signs. Also, always keep ample space between yourself and objects in your path like parked cars and garbage bins. 

Never trust that drivers and cyclists can see you. Make them aware of your presence and wear reflective lighted gear. Never ride on pedestrian sidewalks, inside buildings, or through outdoor shopping centres, as it is inconsiderate and will bring unwanted attention to fellow scooter riders. 

7. Protect your scooter

In general, protect your scooter by keeping it by your side whenever possible. When going indoors, wheel your scooter inside and keep it somewhere convenient for charging where the floor won’t get damaged by dirty wheels. 

If you must leave your scooter outside unattended, use a u-lock to secure it to a bike rack or cement pole where it won’t be exposed to rain or extreme moisture. 

Once you figure out how to ride safely and what to wear, you can discover new paths and seek adventure in your city. After you’ve gotten familiar with your scooter, you can also join social media groups to connect with others who enjoy this sport and find group rides near you.

Photo by Pavel Kapysh


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