7 Fun Nail Colors That Are Perfect For Spring

Springtime is officially here! It’s the time when rain showers, and flowers and other bright colors are out and about. So now is the perfect time to get new nail colors that you’ve wanted to try for a long time. 

Below are a few spring-related nail colors you should try out!

1. Pastels 

The literal definition of Spring. Light, playful colors that can be soft or vibrant are perfect for spring — yellow, green, purple, pink, and many more. 

Feeling even more festive? Do a different color for each nail!

2. French tips 

French tips are classy and a good color any time of the year! So if you need something subtle or simple, a good pair of French tips is always a must! And if you’re not feeling white, you can always do a different color!

3. Floral 

Whether you’re an artist yourself or your nail technician is, ask for a floral print or design! There are so many ways to enhance your nails with stickers, paint, foils, or 3D objects!

4. Ombré 

Ombré is another fun way to show off all variations of a color gradient. You can even combine colors like orange and yellow to show off even more variety.

5. Glitter 

Feeling a little extra? Add glittery tones or diamonds to your nails to bring on the bling!

6. Sports Designs 

From baseball to softball, spring is the season for many sports competitions. So, you can always go for your team’s colors or do a design of the ball on one of your nails!

7. Tropical 

Spring break is something to look forward to for those in school, as many students head to the beach. So getting your nails with those vibrant neon colors for the beach is a must! 

Maybe you’re absolutely in love with the ocean. So do a mermaid or nautical print instead!

Hopefully, these will inspire you for the next design you’re waiting for. Any types we didn’t mention above? Let us know your favorite nail colors for the spring in the comments!

Featured image via Tiko Giorgadze on Unsplash


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