Every American Song Contest Song (So Far) Rated


“American Song Contest” is the United States’ version of Eurovision. Every U.S. state and territory is represented by an artist who performs an original song for the competition.

Here are my ratings for the first three weeks’ worth of songs!

Disclaimer: I’m not here to hate on any individual artists and I think everyone is talented, but I will be brutally honest.

Week 1

Minnesota: “Ready to Go” by Yamhaus

I’m not going to lie, when this song opened the show, I was tempted to stop watching. The band had decent energy, but the song was very basic and I found myself spacing out through most of it. Rating: 2/5

Oklahoma: “Wonderland” by AleXa

OBSESSED. K-pop star AleXa brought the production quality! The song has a reggaeton beat, which is overused in a lot of Latin music. But this song used the beat in a different enough way to make it sound interesting. This song has also made me a fan of AleXa’s other K-pop music. Rating: 5/5

Arkansas: “Never Like This” by Kelsey Lamb

She has a nice voice, but I was so bored. Rating: 2/5

Indiana: “Love in My City” by UG Skywalkin

This song is fun and the vibes are on point, but it’s also not on the same level as some of the best songs in this competition. Rating: 3/5

Puerto Rico: “Loko” by Christian Pagán

This is a perfect example of the reggaeton beat being used in an unoriginal way. There’s nothing wrong with the song and if it came on in the club I’d definitely be dancing, but it sounds like a million other songs on the radio right now. Rating: 3/5

Connecticut: “Beautiful World” by Michael Bolton

Michael Bolton’s iconic vocals do this song a lot of favors, as the messaging is a little too “after-school special” for my tastes. The melody is good, though! Rating: 3/5

Iowa: “Wonder” by Alisabeth Von Presley

Alisabeth was definitely going for a P!nk vibe with this song and it only kind of worked. Rating: 3/5

Wisconsin: “Feel Your Love” by Jake’O

The mixing of a modern indie sound with retro elements works so well. Jake’O also has an amazing voice. Rating: 5/5

Mississippi: “Fire” by Keyone Starr

This song has been stuck in my head ever since I heard it! It’s super catchy and Keyone’s belt on the word “fire” is *chef’s kiss*. Rating: 4/5

Wyoming: “New Boot Goofin’” by Ryan Charles

This song is my sleep paralysis demon. It will forever live in my nightmares. However, it would make a great meme and I hope the internet is working on that. Rating: 1/5

Rhode Island: “Held On Too Long” by Hueston

The PAIN in this man’s voice! You can hear every emotion. I wasn’t super captivated by the live performance, but the studio version sold me. Rating: 5/5

Week 2

Oregon: “Million Dollar Smoothies” by courtship.

You probably hear Oregon and expect hipsters. And you get exactly that with this song. I didn’t think it was too bad until the nasal “na na nas” started. Rating: 2/5

Montana: “Fire It Up” by Jonah Prill

Another generic country song that didn’t hold my attention. Rating: 2/5

New York: “Green Light” by ENISA

What is it about Albanians being gifted with the ability to make bops (Dua Lipa, Bebe Rexha, etc.)? There’s not much deep meaning to this song, but there doesn’t have to be for it to be a fun time! Rating: 4/5

Nebraska: “Never Alone” by Jocelyn

Jocelyn seems like a sweet person and this song is so wholesome. Like with the Michael Bolton song, the lyrics fell into the “cliche motivational song” category, but it was still warm and fuzzy overall. Rating: 4/5

U.S. Virgin Islands: “Celebrando” by Cruz Rock

Another basic reggaeton song we’ve heard many times before, but with vocals not as strong as Puerto Rico’s singer’s. Rating: 2/5

Kentucky: “Sparrow” by Jordan Smith

Jordan could sing the phone book and I would cry. The lyrics fall a little into the cheesy-motivational-song realm, but less so than some other songs. Rating: 4/5

North Dakota: “Can’t Make You Love Me” by Chloe Fredericks

LOVE IT. Chloe’s energy in this song is so badass. Rating: 5/5

Kansas: “Tell Me” by Broderick Jones

I’m surprised Broderick went with an EDM drop because it’s a little outdated, but it actually works great for this song! I could see this being on the radio. Rating: 4/5

Virginia: “Over You” by Almira Zaky

I loved the 90s R&B style, but I don’t think it will work in Almira’s favor in a competition setting. However, I will have this song on repeat. Rating: 4/5

Maine: “Get Out Alive” by King Kyote

It’s not bad, but it’s also a little forgettable. Rating: 3/5

Ohio: “Every Night” by Macy Gray

I had high expectations from a Macy Gray entry and this song did not meet them. Rating: 3/5

Week 3

Texas: “Mr. Independent” by Grant Knoche

An absolute bop. Also, this live performance was top tier. Rating: 5/5

Louisiana: “Now You Do” by Brittany Pfantz

I think Brittany might have gone a bit too hard on this song. It’s a solid song and I love the vocals, but it takes itself too seriously. Rating: 3/5

Tennessee: “Seventeen” by Tyler Braden

Beautiful, vivid storytelling. Rating: 5/5

New Jersey: “I Don’t Take Pictures Anymore” by Brooke Alexx

The quarter-life crisis anthem the world needs right now. People are sleeping on this song and they really shouldn’t because the lyrics are great and it’s a banger! I can see myself losing my mind to this song at a concert. Rating: 5/5

Alabama: “The Difference” by Ni/Co

Ni/Co is the reason I watched this show, so I had high expectations for this song and it exceeded them! It’s beautifully done and the harmonies are to die for. Rating: 1000/5

Florida: “Flirt” by Ale Zabala

The instrumentation on this song is really unique and fun, but the lyrics are a little unoriginal. Rating: 4/5

Alaska: “The Story” by Jewel

I hate this song with a fiery passion. It seems like it’s trying to be ABBA without any of the soul of ABBA. Also, it’s an insult to “The Story” by Brandi Carlile to have such a bad song share its name. Rating: 1/5

South Carolina: “Not Alone” by Jesse LeProtti

I wasn’t a huge fan of this song, but I gave it an extra point for its sincerity. Rating: 3/5

South Dakota: “Bad Girl” by Judd Hoos

I don’t love the lyrics, but it has such an infectious, fun energy that I can’t help but like it overall. Rating: 4/5

Delaware: “Train” by Nitro Nitra

Nitro Nitra really gave us EVERYTHING in this performance. Also, I love that it’s complaining about public transportation. Rating: 5/5

Northern Mariana Islands: “Sunsets and Seaturtles” by Sabyu

I loved how laid back and relaxing this song was, but Sabyu was so off-key, even in the studio version. Rating: 3/5

Colorado: “Feel the Love” by Riker Lynch

This sounds like it would be in the credits of a summer teen rom-com. Rating: 3/5

What was your favorite song so far? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image by Austin Neill on Unsplash


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