5 Fun Ways To Spend Time With Yourself & Actually Enjoy It

Everyone has their own individual tendencies toward the world. It’s a spectrum, but you’re usually either an extrovert or an introvert. If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it has shown us which category you fall under – have you enjoyed the quarantines and spending quality time at home? Or, has it made you go crazy and long for that social interaction? 

Me, I’m an introvert by definition. I prefer to be at home with my dog watching New Girl. When I first went to college, it was a culture shock suddenly living with a bunch of people. Through this experience, I really started to value the time I spent with myself only. Doing things alone might seem weird and almost intimidating at first, but I promise you will learn to love it. Here are some things I have done that I value doing alone:

  1. Go to dinner alone – When was the last time you sat down at a restaurant and ate alone? When I was younger, I used to get incredibly sad when I saw anyone eating alone. As I’ve gotten older, however, I realize that it’s often by choice. Go to your favorite restaurant! Order dessert! I bet you’ll be surprised at how much you enjoy your own company while scarfing down your favorite foods.
  1. Go to a concert alone – Everyone loves music. But, not everyone loves the same music. Have you ever wanted to go to a concert but nobody else liked the music enough to go with you? Most people would simply not go. Going to my first concert alone was exhilarating. I went to a local bar beforehand and had dinner and a drink, walked my way down to the venue and stood right in front. The entire concert, I could be myself with no interruptions. Yes, being with your friends makes concerts really fun and memorable, but sometimes going alone allows you to really enjoy the music for what it is. All of your focus is on the performance, and you can really connect with it more than you would sharing that experience with others.
  1. Go shopping alone – This is more common than the previous, but I find that I ALWAYS want to shop with my mom; she’s like my personal shopping assistant. In college I had to shop alone. If I needed another size, there was nobody to go grab it for me. If I wanted an opinion on something, I had to use my best judgment. Even getting groceries I found I didn’t even know where to start. But, I found my confidence to grow immensely. I would ask an employee to grab me a size, or I’d make shopping lists before getting groceries. 
  1. Hang out at home alone – Whether you live alone, with family or with roommates, find time to be at home by yourself. Take a Saturday and don’t leave the house. Read that book that’s collecting dust, or clean the shower that is starting to change colors. Whatever will make you feel the most yourself, do it. You might find that you are the only roommate you will ever need!
  1. Go for a walk alone – This might just seem normal to some, but I encourage you to be present during this time. Use it as a meditation or a self-reflection where you can think about things and be mindful. Think about your day, or the upcoming weekend or trip. Being alone with your thoughts can be peaceful and enlightening. There is nobody there to interrupt!

Being alone is something I think our generation sees as lonely, pointless, or even sad. People’s first thoughts when they see someone by themselves is that they are alone by default, not by choice. Learn to embrace the idea see the good!

Photo by Damian Barczak on Unsplash


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