5 Ways To Balance Your Work & Personal Life So That You Can Thrive


When you have a high-pressure job, finding a healthy work-life balance can be challenging. However, balancing your work and the rest of your life isn’t impossible! Here are some ways to find the right work-life balance for you

1. Keep a Calendar

If you struggle to keep up with work commitments or tasks at home, keeping a calendar can help you organize your priorities. It can be easy to forget to put personal tasks in your work calendar, especially if you share calendar details with your team or supervisor. But seeing your personal engagements in your work calendar will help you prioritize obligations that matter both at work and at home and remind you that you need to be present. 

If you can’t keep everything in one calendar, many apps offer integration with phone or smartwatch calendars. Integrating your personal and professional calendars, so that you see both personal and professional dates all in one place will show you your availability and ensure that you don’t forget anything. 

2. Make Transitioning From Work to Home Easier

If you’re busy at work, you may find that you’re often late to social events outside of work. But don’t skip out on that important personal time. You may want to ask yourself if there’s a time-consuming end-of-day work task with which you can ask for assistance or even start earlier. 

You may also find that there’s no time after work to get ready for a night of socializing. Dressing in such a way makes it easy to go from the office to a dinner or movie with friends can help. Try using layers, like wearing a nice fleece fabric sweater over a crisp blouse. That way, you can quickly transition from a warm office setting to a cold outdoor party – and still look cute and comfortable. You should also keep a pair of comfortable sneakers in your car so you can dress down your outfit on a moment’s notice. 

3. Make Time for Yourself

When you’re always running from work to personal engagements, it can be hard to make time for yourself. But making time for relaxing activities, like mindfulness and exercise, can significantly improve your mental health and help you navigate hectic times. Carve out time each day to hit the gym, go for a walk, or simply breathe – and don’t forget to put them in your calendar! 

If hitting the gym gives you an emotional release, try finding a gym that’s on your way home or is close enough to your office to visit at lunchtime. Making it harder to avoid the gym will make it easier for you to find the time and motivation to go. 

4. Manage Your Calendar Alerts

If you put all of your responsibilities in your calendar, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed if you constantly receive alerts.  With all of the technology in your life, you may get alerts on your computer, on your phone, and if you have a smartwatch, even on your wrist. You may feel the need to see every Slack message and email immediately, but don’t shy away from managing alerts on all of your devices.  Try using “Do not Disturb” settings or turning off alerts on the weekend. 

5. Plan a Vacation

If your work overwhelms you, you may just need to plan a vacation. After all, the more time you spend working, the more you feel like the office can’t thrive without you and the more you feel pressured. Take a break, get away for a few days, and really take the time to unwind. A short vacation will refresh you and help you feel ready to take on the world when you arrive back home.  

Life is about balance – including the balance between your work and personal life. If you struggle to let go of your life at the office when you return home, take these steps and watch them improve every part of your life! 

Featured Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash.


  1. I balance my life by practicing Oola and using the Aroma Freedom Technique to help me break through any blocks that are holding me back from attaining my goals.

    OOLA is a practice of balancing and growing 7 key areas of life: Fitness, Finance, Family, Faith, Field, Friends and Fun. You create goals for each key and take steps daily to move forward to live the life you want to live.


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