6 Pre-Packing Tips To Help You With A Long-Distance Move


A long-distance move is a big job. You may think, “I got this! I can do it myself!” Well, think again. There is so much that goes into it, perhaps more than you even realize. But don’t worry, we are here to help you! In fact, we have 6 tips that can help you with the first phase of moving: pre-packing.

1. Plan and Schedule Your Move

This needs to be step one. Why? Because this sets you up for the rest of your pre-packing, packing, moving, and unpacking schedule. Planning out and creating a moving and packing checklist tells you where you need to be in your moving journey and when. Of course, things come up, and there’s a chance you can’t stick to it consistently. But you’ll know the approximate timeline of what you should be doing and can constantly reevaluate. If you’re wondering how to make a packing list, use search engines. They offer a variety of templates to choose from that can help.

2. Hire Movers

Now that you’ve accomplished the first step, it’s time to hire movers. It’s a great idea to do this early because many moving companies can offer additional services that’ll help you pre-pack, pack, and unbox your items. For example, California Movers USA offers packing and storage services, which can absolutely help you during your move. This can be especially beneficial if you’re working while you move or if you need to relocate quickly.

3. Inventory Your Home

This is a vital step in your pre-packing journey. Since you are moving cross country, moving companies handling your stuff need to be backed up. They will be insured, like this company, but you need an inventory list to make sure every item in their possession is listed. If it’s not, it won’t count if it gets lost or damaged. But it doesn’t only help for accurate price estimates, and it also keeps you organized https://thefrisky.com/tips-for-easy-moving/. Your items will all be tracked, and you’ll know what you need or don’t need in your new home.

4. Keep, Donate, Trash

Organization is vital during the pre-packing phase. While you’re making your inventory list and cleaning, it’s a great time to go through your items and decide whether you will keep, donate, or trash specific things. During the move, there’s no better time to do this, or else you’d just be going backward in the process. That’s why we advise you to do it during these steps. Take a good hard look too at what you’re going to want in your new home. The more items you have, the more expensive it can be for a long-distance move. When doing these steps mark down what you’re keeping on your packing list. 

5. Get Packing Supplies

To pack up your home, you’ll need packing supplies! Getting the supplies early on is a good idea because, unfortunately, you’ll always need more. There’s never enough when it comes to moving. But, if you mark down what you need and how many boxes while cleaning and doing inventory, it can make it easier for you. 

6. Find Packing Helpers

If you aren’t hiring professional movers to help with this service, you may want to find some family and friends to help out. It is going to be a lot for you to handle on your own. And depending on the square footage of your current house and the new one, you’ll need some extra hands to get it done promptly. It’s never a bad idea to ask friends and family. Try offering them some pizza or money in return! You can all make it a good time and a final hangout before you head off on your long-distance move.

Moving is already so challenging as it is, don’t make it worse on yourself by not being prepared in every aspect. Take the time to evaluate, plan, and follow the packing list and you’ll be golden come moving day. Good luck with your pre-packing!

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels


  1. Thanks for the tips on how to prepare for a long-distance move such as getting people to help me pack and offering some refreshment afterward. I could only imagine how stressful and hectic moving away could be. I think paying for extra services can be another way to make your life easier.


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