What Erotic Dreams Can Reveal About Your Relationship


Having erotic dreams seems to awaken sexual desires and experiences, according to new research. Vaillancourt-Morel, Daspe, Lussier, and Zadra’s 2021 research highlights women and men’s different perceptions of erotic dreams. 

When women experience erotic dreams, they usually involve their current partner. On the other hand, men’s erotic dreams tend to involve another woman as opposed to their current partner. 

The main objectives of the study included documenting the “targets of erotic dreams (i.e., romantic partners, ex-partners, acquaintances, public figures, imaginary individuals, and strangers) in a large sample of men and women currently in any romantic relationship.” 

The study also examines “associations between the various targets found in erotic dreams of individuals currently in a romantic relationship and a range of indicators of couple and sexual life.” 

Researchers requested 1,045 participants 16 years or older currently in a romantic relationship to fill out a questionnaire. The questions evaluated the overall effect of erotic dreams in men and women.

Researchers found that there were many pivotal factors that increased the probability that their erotic dream would involve their current partner. These include relationship duration, sexual desire, relationship satisfaction, and frequency of sexual intercourse.

If your erotic dreams don’t include your romantic partner, this raises a red flag regarding your relationship status and overall sexual satisfaction. 

If you find yourself in a vulnerable situation regarding your erotic dreams, then you need to confront that and discuss it with your partner.

It is imperative that both of you are on the same page in terms of where your relationship is headed. This is especially true if you want a long-term commitment. 

This is a phenomenal study that delves into the complexities of the human psyche and sexual desires.

A female’s sexual desire significantly differs from a male’s and sometimes these erotic dreams can help solidify these hidden desires.

As Dr. David W. Wahl states, “Erotic dreams offer more than mere nocturnal pleasure. Examination of our erotic dreams may produce greater insight into our waking behaviors, attitudes, and states of mind involving sexuality. They can also serve to recognize hidden sexual desires and needs.”

Feature Image by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash


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