How To Organize A Virtual Event For Your Brand During The Pandemic


Events are one of the best ways to boost your marketing or raise funds for a cause. These events help spread the word about your brand or cause. The COVID-19 pandemic has made event hosting harder than ever. That doesn’t mean you can’t do anything at all, though!

If you are planning to host a corporate party for branding or raise awareness for your cause, then we have some big ideas to help you conduct virtual events during COVID-19.

Know Your Audience 

Well, if you host a regular venue party, you can call as many people as are in your budget. Now, in virtual events, you can spread the word even across countries. A large number of people can join a virtual event which means more branding. 

However, make sure you only join the people who are or can be your target audience. Choose an event time to widen audiences and reach new demographics on social media. In the end, the purpose of the event is to market your service. 

Send Food and Drinks.

What is even a party without good food and drinks? Nothing! A virtual party does not only mean a skype call; it has to be more than that. A great idea to host a virtual corporate party is by sending a package to the guests with food and drinks.

Sending packed food and drinks is a unique way of branding. You can get custom labels on water bottles created. Get the name of your organization, date of the event, or the name of the dedicated person printed. It becomes a sweet gesture and an efficient branding technique.

Arrange Activities

You don’t want your guests to feel bored at your party. It’s crucial to keep everyone engaged, whether you are hosting a physical event or a virtual event. During virtual events, people can quickly feel like they’re just sitting on a regular zoom call. To dial up party spirit, arrange some fun games and activities for your guests.

You can design and arrange activities that have something to do with your business. For example, you are a digital marketing firm; you can give a product and ask your guests to come up with marketing copies for the same. It will involve your guests and will also provide them with an idea about your services. 

Keep It Short and Sweet

Generally, physical parties go on for a long time. However, with virtual events, you have to be specific about the event timings. Organizations should always outline the schedule of the event. It gives your audience an idea about the expected time commitment.

The more you’ll drag your virtual event, the boring it will get. Try to keep your virtual corporate parties for branding short and crisp. Ensure everything goes as planned, and ends well on time. Keep your content short and highly engaging if you don’t want to watch them leaving.

Parties and events have traditionally benefitted corporations and other organizations. In these unprecedented times, hosting a physical party seems arduous, but virtual events are a good-to-go option. Organizations can use these innovative methods to organize virtual corporate parties for branding.

Feature Image by Artem Podrez from Pexels


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