What Concerts May Look Like In A Post-Covid World

Thankfully, now that we developed and distributed a vaccine, it may be safe to go to concerts in the near future. Some states opened more than others, so some places will allow concerts to resume with proper safety precautions. This is what concert life may look like post-COVID: 

1. Contactless Entry

In order to make your entry contactless, your cell phone will likely store your contactless ticket. This way, your phone will never leave your hands and spread germs. 

2. Distanced Seating

Concert venues may put you and your party in your own “pod.” When you purchase a “pod seating” ticket, the empty seats around you will block you in so that you remain a safe distance away from others.  Essentially, “pod seating” will ensure that the venue will contain a “safe” amount of people.

3. Mask Requirements  

We all wear masks in our everyday lives, so of course they’ll be a requirement at concert venues when they begin to open up again. Some venues may require that you wear masks during the entire concert, but others may only ask you to mask up when you leave your seat. Regardless of the rules at your specific venue, bring a mask, and plan to keep it on as much as possible! 

4. Temperature Checks

Many concert venues will have required temperature checkpoints. Temperature checks will be contactless and will use a forehead thermometer.

5. Check-in Times 

In order to reduce large crowds, some venues will have specific check-in times for each group in order to reduce exposure to large crowds. The good news? This change can help you avoid long lines!

6. Hand Sanitizer Stations

Venues will have sanitizer stations at multiple locations in the viewing area so that attendees can stay germ-free. If you go to a concert, be sure to take advantage of the sanitizer and lather up! 

7. Drive-in Locations

Some states with warmer weather may hold “drive-in” concerts outdoors in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19. You’ll still have all of the fun of a “traditional” concert, but you won’t need to leave your vehicle. 

If you miss concerts because of COVID-19, you’re in luck because concerts are returning soon! Research your specific venues so that you know exactly what to expect. Stay safe and have fun!

Photo by Austin Neill on Unsplash


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