What You Absolutely Need To Remember When Applying For A New Job

We’ve all been searching for a job in a market that seems out of our reach at least once. Working many hours, creating new resumes for each position, and designing cover letters — you have to do many things to stand out from the crowd. Then, once you finally get an interview, you still end up unemployed most of the time.

This vicious cycle is not only stressful and time-consuming, but it also lowers your self-esteem. Many of us are trying to expand our knowledge and skills. Many of us are fresh out of school. And some of us are just walking back into the working world. Wherever you are in your life and career, this pandemic has made things much worse — especially if your goal is rebranding. However, fear not! To keep your spirits high, I’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you succeed in the hiring process.

Financial tips: This is a huge one, especially for students struggling to find a summer or part-time job while studying.

  1. If you can’t afford three, you don’t buy one.
  2. Many sites will pay you for doing surveys, and they’re legit.
  3. Plan your weekly meals and buy groceries in bulk so you will be less tempted to splurge at the grocery store. What’s more, make sure to bring a shopping list with you since going in without a plan is a dangerous game.
  4. Download coupon apps for eating out and search flyers for the cheapest grocery products at stores.

Job hunting tips: This pandemic has created a challenging environment for those needing a job. But there are ways to succeed.

  1. Don’t apply on job sites like Indeed or job boards. Instead, find the business and send your application to the hiring manager. It shows initiative and will help you stand out from the crowd.
  2. Create a unique cover letter for every new job you apply for. I know this is time-consuming, but hiring managers don’t want pasted paragraphs you found on the internet. Trust me on this one.
  3. Mention the standards both you and the company have in common in your cover letter. Do some research on the company and include something catchy. Personally, I like using their mission statement since it will help you discuss the position on a philosophical level. Again, it’s all about standing out.

Self-care tips: Finally, let’s not forget the impact of applying for jobs on your mental health.

Not getting a callback or receiving a rejection letter can feel like a knife to the heart, but I promise you it’s not. In fact, within five years, you’ll probably forget about the job. To avoid bringing yourself down, follow these tips to help you be kind to yourself during the hiring process.

  1. Take time for yourself after applying for a job. Go for a run, do your nails, cook a healthy meal — do whatever makes you feel most alive. Keep yourself healthy and happy so you can thrive during the interview.
  2. A rejection letter doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough. When people get rejection letters, they often think they’re not good enough or that they’ll never have a job. That’s not the case. It’s common for employers to reject applications if they see certain potential since they know that the applicant needs to do bigger and better things than the position they’re applying for requires. Don’t let rejection letters make you feel like you’re not good enough because you are.
  3. Make sure you get a lot of sleep before the interview. Sleep is essential for our physical and mental health. Yes, you can work out and eat healthily, but your body won’t function properly if you’re not sleeping enough. That, in turn, will negatively affect the outcome of your interview.

Overall, there is a lot that goes into winning over an employer. So if you want the job badly enough, it’s important to pay attention to detail, do research, and, most importantly, take care of yourself. What you need will come to you, so just keep pushing. Happy job hunting! You’ve got this.

Featured Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash



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