4 Things To Do If Your Relationship Has Lost The Spark

Being in a relationship that lacks love, freshness, vitality, or even compatibility is nothing but a juggernaut obstacle in your life. If you are currently in one right now, then it is a matter of serious concern. It is not healthy to live in such phlegmatic relationships where there is no chemistry between the two people involved. That will only worsen your state of mind even more. However, there are indeed some ways in which you can try to make things better. 

First of all, try to really understand what’s wrong in the relationship. Is it entirely your fault, or your SO’s? After all, it takes two to tango. Working on further understanding the brevity of your relationship status will take you a long way if you’re genuinely trying to make it work. 

Second, find out if your partner no longer finds you attractive. Men are biologically programmed to feel attracted to other beautiful ladies other than their wives or girlfriends. As a result, women have to constantly remain physically attractive in the eyes of their partners in order to maintain the vigor in their relationship.

According to Dr. Naom Shpancer, evolutionary theory plays a huge role in explaining the psychology of men and women, in particular, why men are biologically programmed to enjoy feminine youth and beauty. 

For instance, Shpancer reveals, “Indeed, studies show that when it comes to long-term relationships, women overall emphasize the importance of status parameters while men find female youth highly attractive.”

Third, learn to appreciate your partner’s interests and desires. There is a high chance that your partner will derive pleasure from another hobby such as horseback riding. And you would rather spend a Sunday painting a sublime view outside your terrace. If you want to remove the gap between the two of you, plan on spending one Sunday horseback riding and the next Sunday painting. Both of these hobbies are very enjoyable. And you never know — you may start preferring your partner’s hobbies over your own within a few weeks! With all honesty, the amalgamation of both your interests will result in an abundance of happiness and satisfaction. Trust me.

Fourth, relive past glorious moments you’ve spent together. Memories are not meant to be forgotten. Instead, they serve as crucial catalysts to revive the lost love and tenderness between two people. They are the thread that ties two hearts together. They expedite the process of patching up after a massive fight and provide couples with lifelong lessons to build their future. 

Finally, if nothing else works to reignite the passion, it might be better to set yourself free. It’s best to accept the fact that some relationships aren’t meant to withstand the test of time. Sometimes getting out of such a relationship is the most practical choice. Whether or not a relationship works or not, always keep in mind that you may fall in love more than once. And you may get lucky the second time around!

Photo by Amir Esrafili on Unsplash


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