7 Signs That Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back Into Your Life Again


It’s inevitable that after you break up with someone you love, you’ll wonder if the relationship is really over. At this stage, you can drive yourself mad looking for hidden signs that your ex will ask to be with you again.

Unfortunately, guys can be great at sending mixed signals. Here are six signs that your ex might come back into your life:

1. He’s already in a new relationship.

Your ex-boyfriend is already in another relationship. How is this possible? Can he really move on that quickly? Experts indicate that rebound relationships are common after breakups. The whole point of a rebound relationship is to fill the void that a painful breakup leaves.

A relationship comes with feelings of intimacy, security, and familiarity. Many people mourn the loss of these feelings after a breakup, so they jump into a relationship with another person. A rebound relationship is an emotional “band-aid.”

As such, your ex can get into a rebound relationship even when he is still in love with you. If he started dating again soon after the breakup, his relationship is a rebound, and he’s still into you.

2. He’s dating someone who is your polar opposite.

Experts indicate that sometimes, exes try to find someone who’s nothing like their ex to overcompensate for the pain of a breakup. If your ex-boyfriend’s new lady is nothing like you, chances are good that he’s still into you but he wants to use a new girl to get over you.

3. He’s active on social media.

Does your ex-boyfriend stalk your social media? If he comments on, shares, or likes your posts, then he might still have feelings for you. He wouldn’t monitor your social media so closely if he didn’t. After all, guys don’t invest their time and energy into things that don’t mean anything to them.

If your ex posts an excessive amount of party pictures, he feels that he needs to capture how much fun he has because he hasn’t moved on. He’s bombarding you with photographic evidence that he’s “over you,” even though his actions clearly state otherwise.

4. He hasn’t returned your things.

If you exchanged possessions in the course of the relationship, does he still have them? If your ex isn’t yet completely over you, he may choose not to retrieve his things so that he has an excuse to come for them at another time. As long your items are in his house, you’ll probably see each other again.

5. He’s not moving on.

Moving on doesn’t always have to be symbolic. Sometimes, people can literally move on after a breakup, especially if the ex-couples worked in the same place or have mutual friends.

On the contrary, if your ex stays where he is, he might still see you in his future.

7. He’s still in touch with you.

Do you and your ex still text and call each other just like old times? If he calls to check in on you, he probably misses you and isn’t over you. Don’t be surprised if one of these days, he calls asking to get back together with you.

Now that you know if your ex-boyfriend still has feelings for you, the important question is whether or not you want him back. Once you know what your ex truly wants, you can decide what you want for your future.

Originally written by Randy Skilton on YourTango.

Featured Photo by Jeremy Banks on Unsplash.


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